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  • 5 Great Alternatives to Pliny The Younger
    2 Mar 2015 | 1:57 pm
    Every year, a new group of starry eyed craft beer enthusiasts will hear about the illustrious Russian River Pliny The Younger, and s… The post 5 Great Alternatives to Pliny The Younger appeared first on
  • Next week, links about actually drinking beer

    Appellation Beer: Celebrating Beer From a Place
    Stan Hieronymus
    2 Mar 2015 | 2:46 am
    MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 03.09.15 Organizing the links this week I figured out what was missing. Making & selling beer Inside The Ram Brewery. Whoa! There’s a nanobrewery inside the Ram Brewery, the place where Young’s and Co, made beer 1831 and 2006. Here’s the tour: “We’re shown a set of cast iron grain hoppers, over a century old. These barley grains have sat in this chamber since the 1970s.” [Via Londonist, h/T Stonch] Houston’s craft beer king opens up on staying relevant, the Sam Adams controversy and a greedy new wave. A lengthy interview with…
  • Lagunitas dropping suit against Sierra Nevada Beer Therapy
    Real Beer
    14 Jan 2015 | 3:16 am
    A dispute between Lagunitas Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. that flashed in the public arena on Tuesday basically ended later in the day. Posting on Twitter, Lagunitas founder Tony Magee wrote, “Today was in the hands of the ultimate court; The Court of Public Opinion and in it I got an answer to my Question; Our IPA’s TM has limits.” On Monday, the California brewery took Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to court, claiming the brewery’s logo on its new Hop Hunter IPA violated Lagunitas’ trademark. As part of the lawsuit, Lagunitas was seeking a temporary…
  • I Never Go To Beer Fests... Except This Week!

    A Good Beer Blog
    Alan McLeod
    2 Mar 2015 | 6:34 pm
    This weekend will find me at Albany attending the New York State Brewers Association second annual Craft New York Brewers Festival. The most exciting thing is that it is being held at a place called The Desmond Hotel. It is exciting because I love 1960's first wave ska and, according to my notes, every band had to have a guy called Desmond in it. At least the great ones did. I am going to head south for the first time since September to man a chair at a table to see if I can help Craig spread the good news about our history of Albany ale as folk spin around the dance floor to these sorts of…
  • Craft Beer Kings to hold February Online Cellar Sale on Sunday, February 22nd

    BeerPulse curator
    21 Feb 2015 | 4:59 pm
    Sponsored [Paid] Post: Craft Beer Kings announced its next Cellar Sale which will take place this Sunday, February 22nd at 9am PST. More details and a list of beers below the dotted line. Won’t be at your computer or phone on Sunday? 1) You might want to browse the selection of beers already online. It’s impressive. 2) Don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter for daily new beer alerts.
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  • Craft Beer Kings to hold February Online Cellar Sale on Sunday, February 22nd

    BeerPulse curator
    21 Feb 2015 | 4:59 pm
    Sponsored [Paid] Post: Craft Beer Kings announced its next Cellar Sale which will take place this Sunday, February 22nd at 9am PST. More details and a list of beers below the dotted line. Won’t be at your computer or phone on Sunday? 1) You might want to browse the selection of beers already online. It’s impressive. 2) Don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter for daily new beer alerts.
  • Helltown Brewing now featured in Beer T-Shirt of the Month Club (deadline midnight on 2/18)

    BeerPulse curator
    17 Feb 2015 | 4:22 pm
    Sponsored [Paid] Post by Beer T-Shirt of the Month Club: Need something new to wear while hibernating through these bitter months? We have just the thing! The Beer T-Shirt of the Month Club offers the excitement you need—new clothes and mail! Each month, members of the Beer T-Shirt Club receive a high-quality, uniquely designed T-shirt promoting a different craft brewery. With one-month, six-month, or twelve-month memberships, the Beer T-Shirt of the Month Club will brighten these sunless days. To join Beer T-Shirt Club, visit out website: Visit us on Facebook This…
  • The Rare Beer Club now featuring two exclusive beers for February shipment

    BeerPulse curator
    2 Feb 2015 | 3:14 pm
    Sponsored Post: The Rare Beer Club is back on BeerPulse with its first promotion of the new year. This month’s featured beers are: Saint Somewhere Lectio Divina and Les Trois Mousquetaires’ Signature Series Maibock. Consider a club membership as a gift for yourself or for a loved one for Valentine’s Day! Some things to consider/know before ordering…. 1) Use a BeerPulse discount Use one of the promo codes below when you order. BEERPULSE10 – $10 off ANY Beer Club Membership (2-month minimum) BEERPULSE15 – $15 off ANY prepaid Beer Club Membership of 6 months…
  • Stone’s gluten-reduced Delicious IPA now available coast-to-coast

    Press Release
    18 Jan 2015 | 9:03 am
    Press Release:  (Escondido, CA) – Since 1996, Stone Brewing Co. has been obsessed with its mission of providing people access to high-quality, big-character craft beer. After all, great beer is for everyone and anyone with the good taste to recognize it. With that goal in mind, the company is introducing Stone Delicious IPA, a citrusy ale dry-hopped exclusively with El Dorado hops. As if that wasn’t enough, the beer has also been crafted to reduce gluten. Starting today, Stone Delicious IPA will begin arriving in 12-ounce six-packs to retail accounts and on draft1 to restaurants…
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing releases three new beers to start off 2015

    Press Release
    17 Jan 2015 | 5:22 pm
    Press Release:  (Chico, CA) — Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is debuting two year-round beers in early 2015: the intensely hop-heavy Hop Hunter IPA and the sessionable Nooner Pilsner. The brewery will also unveil its newest spring seasonal selection, Beer Camp Hoppy Lager, for a total of three brand-new beers for craft drinkers to explore. Hop Hunter IPA features oil from wet hops steam distilled in the hop field, minutes after harvest—for the first time, drinkers can taste wet-hop character year-round. This pure, powerful hop essence is used alongside traditional hops to create the…
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  • Green Flash Silva Stout Returns As Part of New Cellar 3 Series

    3 Mar 2015 | 5:25 pm
    (San Diego,CA) – The wait is over! We are eager to announce the first release from our new Cellar 3 series. Beginning in April, … The post Green Flash Silva Stout Returns As Part of New Cellar 3 Series appeared first on
  • 5 Great Alternatives to Pliny The Younger

    2 Mar 2015 | 1:57 pm
    Every year, a new group of starry eyed craft beer enthusiasts will hear about the illustrious Russian River Pliny The Younger, and s… The post 5 Great Alternatives to Pliny The Younger appeared first on
  • Spiteful Brewing Releases Couch Funding Cherry Stout With Campaign

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:36 am
    (Chicago, IL) – Following the release of Couch Funding Cherry Stout, Spiteful Brewing is taking part in the trend of busin… The post Spiteful Brewing Releases Couch Funding Cherry Stout With Campaign appeared first on
  • SweetWater Brewing Unveils Atlanta Braves Packaging

    2 Mar 2015 | 9:59 am
    (ATLANTA,GA) – The boys and girls at SweetWater Brewing couldn’t wait until Opening Day to hit a home run in Braves Country. Geo… The post SweetWater Brewing Unveils Atlanta Braves Packaging appeared first on
  • Saint Arnold Brewing Releases Lawnmower & Santo Cans Today

    Jonny Fullpint
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:26 am
    Houston, TX – Responding to strong customer demand, Saint Arnold Brewing Co., the oldest craft brewery in Texas, today st… The post Saint Arnold Brewing Releases Lawnmower & Santo Cans Today appeared first on
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    Yours for Good Fermentables ™

  • Pic(k) of the Week: Wine discussions

    28 Feb 2015 | 4:58 am
    Cedric Vallors (r) – the U.S. Portfolio Manager for Domaines Barons de Rothschild– sits in animated discussions at a wine dinner. And this was only at the start of the evening: six wines from Chateau Lafite Rothschild, with each wine matched to a dinner course. The Palm RestaurantTysons Corner, Virginia.24 February 2015. The Lafite estate has produced wines since the 1670s. It was designated as a Premier Cru Classé in 1855. A few years later, in 1868, Baron James de Rothschild would purchase Lafite. -----more----- Compare the above photo photo with this one, Beer Discussions, posted as a…
  • Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 6/7, 2015.

    23 Feb 2015 | 2:16 am
    A bi-weekly, non-comprehensive roundup of news of beer and other things. Weeks 6/7, 20151 February, 2015 - 14 February, 2015 14 February 2015One of history's most iconic photos has turned 25 years old. On Feb. 14, 1990, NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft took a family portrait of the solar system, capturing Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Earth — which showed up as a "pale blue dot" — in a single view. —Via 12 February 2015"From beautiful, downtown Burbank." Gary Owens, radio and 'Laugh-In' announcer, dies at 80. —Via LA Times. 9 February 2015Austrian beverage behemoth…
  • Pic(k) of the Week: Abita frost-brew

    21 Feb 2015 | 2:05 am
    "Frost-brewed Coors" ain't got nothing on snow-capped kegs from Abita Brewery (of Louisiana). It may have been 20 °F outside, but festive Mardi Gras good times 'rolled' inside a heated tent. The camera shivered, but the beer flowed. As seen outside Bayou Bakery, in Arlington (Court House), Virginia.17 February 2015. -----more----- Caveat lector: As a representative for Select Wines, Inc. —a wine and beer wholesaler in northern Virginia— I sell the beers of Abita Brewing. Any opinions here are mine alone. Pic(k) of the Week: one in a weekly series of personal photos, usually posted on…
  • Ads on YFGF

    18 Feb 2015 | 5:39 am
    Since this blog was first published in September 2002, readers have seen few overt advertisements. Until now. At long last, I've succumbed to commercialism. Each post will now have an ad, placed by Google, at its bottom. I apologize ... but not enough not to do it, at least for awhile, while I ponder if the few pennies are worth it. As always, if there's a conflict-of-interest in a blog post —such as a review of a beer (or wine) that I professionally represent or a damnation of one that's in competition— I clearly identify that conflict —Caveat lector—after the 'jump.' Carry on.
  • Happy Independence Day, Lithuania!

    16 Feb 2015 | 5:04 am
    Today, 16 February, the Republic of Lithuania —Lietuva, the country of my ancestors— officially commemorates its independence day. Lietuvos Valstybės Atkūrimo DienaDuring World War I, Germany wrested control of Lithuania from Czarist Russia, which itself had illegally occupied the Baltic nation for nearly two hundred years. By 1918, Germany began to suffer losses, and the Council of Lithuania seized the opportunity. On 16 February, 1918, it declared Lithuania to be free and independent. That event is what the nation celebrates today, ninety-seven years later: "Lietuvos Valstybės…
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    BeerSmith Home Brewing

  • Correcting Low Original Gravity in All Grain Brewing

    Brad Smith and Friends
    24 Feb 2015 | 12:50 pm
    Have you ever missed your original gravity (OG) target when brewing all grain beer? Its not an uncommon problem for beer brewers, particularly when you start all grain brewing or change you equipment setup. This week we’re going to examine some of the possible causes of low OG and also how to mitigate them. Predicting Your Original Gravity Before we can talk about “missing” an original gravity we need to look at getting a good estimate for OG in the first place. The best way to predict your OG is to use software like my program BeerSmith with a good equipment profile set up…
  • Mastering Homebrew with Randy Mosher – BeerSmith Podcast #98

    Brad Smith and Friends
    17 Feb 2015 | 11:49 am
    Randy Mosher just published his new book Mastering Homebrew which I believe will soon become a home brewing classic. This week I join Randy to talk about his new book which covers a huge number of beer brewing techniques, ingredients, and focuses on the flavor of beer instead of just the technical aspects. Subscribe on iTunes to Audio version or Video version Download the MP3 File – Right Click and Save As to download this mp3 file Topics in This Week’s Episode (51:19) My guest this week is Randy Mosher, who just published his new book Mastering Homebrew (Amazon affiliate link).
  • Carbonation Options for Your Home Brewed Beer

    Brad Smith and Friends
    11 Feb 2015 | 11:25 am
    This week I take a look at different ways to carbonate your home brewed beer. Carbonation is an important feature of beer – it adds moutfeel, perceived body, and heavily influences the way that hop and malt aromas are delivered to your nose. It is also critical to the beer’s appearance and head retention. Understanding Carbonation Levels Not all beer is carbonated to the same level. At one extreme we have real English ales that are served with almost no added carbonation. At the other extreme we have beers like the German Weizen that are so highly carbonated that the glass is…
  • Nano-Brewery Start Up with Michael Mraz – BeerSmith Podcast #97

    Brad Smith and Friends
    4 Feb 2015 | 1:25 pm
    Michael Mraz from Mraz Brewing joins us to follow up on his nano-brewery startup. Michael launched his own 3 barrel brewery specializing in Belgian beers in a tiny 1000 sq foot shop in the Spring of 2013, and this week he shares some of his lessons learned in moving from amateur to pro-brewer. Subscribe on iTunes to Audio version or Video version Download the MP3 File – Right Click and Save As to download this mp3 file Topics in This Week’s Episode (48:47) My guest this week is Michael Mraz, an award winning home brewer who used his personal savings to establish a small 3 barrel…
  • Calculating Original Gravity for Beer Recipe Design

    Brad Smith and Friends
    30 Jan 2015 | 9:31 am
    Original Gravity is a key parameter for beer recipe design. The original gravity of a beer is a measure of the potential sugars, about 60-75% of which will be converted into alcohol during fermentation. So original gravity drives both the alcohol content and the residual body of the beer. This week we’ll cover how to estimate OG by hand, though in practice most people use brewing software to do the calculation more easily. What is Original Gravity? Original gravity is a measure of the sugars dissolved in the water in your unfermented wort. It is typically measured with a hydrometer or…
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    2beerguys beer blog

  • Portsmouth Beer Week 2015: February 21- March 2

    16 Feb 2015 | 11:40 am
      The 6th annual Portsmouth Beer Week  is slated for February 21- March 2 this year. The idea for this 10 day beer event train was the brain child of Ian Cowpar and Sean & Ryan Jansen of 2beerguys. As yearly participants of the cult-followed Kate The Great Day at the Portsmouth Brewery, they thought why not start a “Beer Week” in Portsmouth.  It would highlight all the “beeriness” the city and surrounding New Hampshire towns have to offer. After collaborating with the Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery teams along with local bars, restaurants and breweries,…
  • Meet the Brewer: Jeff Goodno, Tributary Brewing Co., Kittery, ME

    26 Jan 2015 | 6:30 am
    The very much anticipated opening of Tributary Brewing Company, owned and operated by Todd Mott and his wife Galen, has been a huge success in a short period of time. Tributary opened its doors located at 10 Shapleigh Road in Kittery, Maine to the public on September 6, 2014. Todd Mott is of course a local brew hero, formerly of the Portsmouth Brewery and made a legend for his widely famed Russian Imperial Stout recipe formerly known as “Kate the Great”. So when Mott first announced that he had plans to open a brewery of his very own, beer geeks everywhere salivated in…
  • Ipswich Revival Saison Release & first Brewery Open House 2/4 (MA)

    event post
    20 Jan 2015 | 6:01 am
    Come celebrate the release of Ipswich Revival Saison on Saturday, February 14th from 1-4 at the brewery. In addition to getting a taste of the new beer, attendees can tour the entire facility for the first time ever! Tours will run every 20 minutes and be limited to 25 per group. Tour times are: 1pm, 1:20, 1:40, 2pm, 2:20, 2:40, 3pm, 3:30, 3:40, 4pm. To reserve a spot email us at with your full name, number of people in your party, and your preferred tour time. All ages welcome, Mercury Soda Pops will be available for underage attendees.
  • Pintley Good Beer Winter Passport – Boston 2015

    18 Jan 2015 | 6:10 am
    Pintley and Burger Conquest are proud to present The Boston Winter Good Beer Passport! By purchasing a passport, you’ll get one full craft beer at every one of the 19 participating locations. You can use them any day, any time from January 15th through March 13th, 2015. So grab your friends, brave the cold, and go on an adventure through the world of Boston’s Craft Beer this winter! How it Works: Buy a ticket for the location where you would like to pick up your passport. Pick up your passport at the location you chose any day from January 15th through February 14th, 2015. Bring…
  • Winter Beach Party @ Gardner Ale House 1/22 (MA)

    event post
    13 Jan 2015 | 6:02 am
    Winter Breach Party 2015 We’re cranking up the head Friday, January 23, 9:30 PM Where: Gardner Ale House 74 Parker St. Gardner, MA 01440 Visit for more information About Gardner Ale House Gardner Ale House is the only brewpub & restaurant in Worcester County. It is a family style pub and restaurant featuring fresh, bistro style food in an upscale setting. The brewery offers several distinctive, house made brews and continues to develop new recipes. The restaurant distinguishes itself through the use of fresh, unfrozen and unprocessed products. Menu selections are…
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    A Good Beer Blog

  • I Never Go To Beer Fests... Except This Week!

    Alan McLeod
    2 Mar 2015 | 6:34 pm
    This weekend will find me at Albany attending the New York State Brewers Association second annual Craft New York Brewers Festival. The most exciting thing is that it is being held at a place called The Desmond Hotel. It is exciting because I love 1960's first wave ska and, according to my notes, every band had to have a guy called Desmond in it. At least the great ones did. I am going to head south for the first time since September to man a chair at a table to see if I can help Craig spread the good news about our history of Albany ale as folk spin around the dance floor to these sorts of…
  • Oh, What A Loverly Word Usage Graphing Tool...

    Alan McLeod
    28 Feb 2015 | 12:58 pm
    See that? Click on the image and you will see it better. That is a word search for the word hop[pe]s in English language texts from a site called Early Modern Print: Text Mining Early Printed English which explains itself as follows: Early Print offers a range of tools for the computational exploration and analysis of English print culture before 1700. Early Print offers a range of tools for the computational exploration and analysis of English print culture before 1700. The site was designed to help scholars make sense of the incomparable textual archive produced by the EEBO Text Creation…
  • "Click Bait!" Not Really Code For Good Beer Criticism

    Alan McLeod
    28 Feb 2015 | 10:26 am
    This week's craft beer tantrum has come in reaction to a very well written personal essay attacking a number of specified effects of craft beer snobbery. In particular, strong reaction has come from the mixed revenue stream writer / consultant / appearance fee good beer personality seats in the audience. I have absolutely no idea why this column caused those in the front pew to reach for the book of common prayer to announce "click bait!" as one. But it does make one sad given how this exemplifies at least part of the state of critical thinking about beer these days. Makes one wonder what…
  • One Brewery And The Problem With Records

    Alan McLeod
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:09 pm
    I hate records. Well, I really like them. But I hate them. See, we are subject to their limitations... or at least two of them. Or three. The last one first. Finding them. For a while I have been grabbing images of maps including the sites of early breweries in Kingston. I have not seen the actual maps. Just the scans. So I realize that, over time, I have noticed that the maps do not focus on my needs but the needs of others. How surprising. But then I next realize there are other records I know nothing about. The maps above are from the 1790s, 1801, 1810, 1815, 1828, 1845, 1849, 1850, 1850,…
  • The Beer On My Path To Owen Sound And Back

    Alan McLeod
    22 Feb 2015 | 7:00 pm
    I had one of those happy sad events over the weekend, a remembrance of someone two generations older than me, forty-eight years older to be exact. I won't get into details but suffice it to say that anyone who ensured there was a good beer in the fridge was an ally as much as anything. The weekend was moderation itself with plenty of time spent listening to stories of generations past as well as seeing who might make the funniest strangest face, me or a seven year old. But there were stops and there were meals. So - as a service - I offer a few thoughts. I will mention the last first. On the…
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    Appellation Beer: Celebrating Beer From a Place

  • Next week, links about actually drinking beer

    Stan Hieronymus
    2 Mar 2015 | 2:46 am
    MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 03.09.15 Organizing the links this week I figured out what was missing. Making & selling beer Inside The Ram Brewery. Whoa! There’s a nanobrewery inside the Ram Brewery, the place where Young’s and Co, made beer 1831 and 2006. Here’s the tour: “We’re shown a set of cast iron grain hoppers, over a century old. These barley grains have sat in this chamber since the 1970s.” [Via Londonist, h/T Stonch] Houston’s craft beer king opens up on staying relevant, the Sam Adams controversy and a greedy new wave. A lengthy interview with…
  • Cascade – a study in hop terroir

    Stan Hieronymus
    28 Feb 2015 | 4:57 am
    Note: Boak & Bailey periodically invite bloggers to post something longer than usual. This is my contribution. It includes information published in “For the Love of Hops” and results of research conducted since the book came out. Conducting a study during the 2010 hop harvest in the Willamette Valley, researchers at Oregon State University’s Shellhammer Lab discovered something outside of the focus of the trials. As well as learning about the impact harvest date has on hop oil content — considerable and important — they saw that concentration of essential…
  • The bier-oyster connection seldom spoken

    Stan Hieronymus
    26 Feb 2015 | 4:16 am
    You dont see newspaper leads like this any more. It appeared in the Nashville Union and American in 1871, and was taken from the Cincinnati Gazette (no date given): It is the custom of the world to honor great inventors and discoverers with a meed of praise proportionate to the importance of that to which they have introduced the human race. We glorify Franklin for bottling up lightning, and sound high the name of Morse because he utilized it for commercial and other purposes. We apotheosize Watt for demonstrating a practical use of steam; Guttenberg, for the invention of movable type;…
  • Book review: Mastering Homebrew

    Stan Hieronymus
    25 Feb 2015 | 2:49 am
    How many homebrewing books do you really need to own? In the foreword to “Mastering Homebrew: The Complete Guide to Brewing Delicious Beer” Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch writes, “This book might just be the only brewing book most homebrewers will ever need.” For personal reasons, I hope that most homebrewers don’t take that thought seriously. There are a bunch of “if you were to buy only one homebrewing book this one will take care of all yours needs” books available, but it seems to me that “Mastering Homebrew” jumps immediately into…
  • There’s more to lager than American-hopped pilsner

    Stan Hieronymus
    23 Feb 2015 | 2:45 am
    MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 02.23.15 Local Lagers Looming. Brewers Association economist Bart Watson provides some very real numbers: “Although amber and pale lagers didn’t stand out in scans, pilsners announced themselves in the first month of 2015 with 56% growth versus a year ago.” And he has more reasons to predict a “new era of local lager.” But we need lagers beyond those brewed with pale malt and hopped to appeal to IPA drinkers. [Via Brewers Association] How to make an ad as effective as Budweiser’s. I continue to update the links (pro and con) related to…
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    Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog

  • Great Story, Shame It’s Not True

    4 Mar 2015 | 1:22 am
    Lots of pubs have fascinating stories attached to them but it’s a shame so few of them seem to be true. Take the Ostrich at Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, which features in many of those ‘old inns of England’ books with variations on this fantastic story, as told on its website: As with most historic buildings, The Ostrich has seen it’s fair share of murders and they say that over 60 were committed here. Most famous of all were those committed in the 17th century by the landlord of the time, Jarman, who with his wife made a very profitable sideline by murdering their guests…
  • BOOK REVIEW: Merrie England by Ted Bruning

    3 Mar 2015 | 1:04 am
    This slim volume asks: at what point, and where, did the first establishment that we might recognise as a pub pop into existence? His definition of a pub reflects his background as a veteran writer and campaigner for CAMRA but is a good one nonetheless: Broadly, we are talking about fully on-licensed, fully commercial businesses which are generally open, without charging membership or admission, to customers who need buy nothing more than a drink.  He disqualifies clubs, restaurants, village halls and hotels, the latter on the grounds that their primary purpose is accommodation, with…
  • All the #BeeryLongreads from February 2015

    1 Mar 2015 | 8:55 am
    Once again, several other bloggers joined us in ‘going long’. Here are all the posts we spotted and considered eligible. ‘Keg: All Tied Up’ by Yvan Seth 2000 words A beer distributor explains some of the politics behind the scenes which mean that a handful of breweries have the ‘craft’ keg market sewn up. ‘Every Beer Has Its Place: The Rise of Bexley Brewery’ by Steve 1500 words So deep into South East London that it’s actually in Kent, Bexley is home to a micro-brewery producing amazing beer. ‘Cascade: A Study in Hop…
  • The Month That Was: February 2015

    1 Mar 2015 | 1:09 am
    February’s a funny month in Cornwall: everything’s closed for refurbishment and the pubs are so quiet you can hear the bar staff  blink. This is how we survived it. → The month kicked off with highlights fom an account by a British brewer of his work in Belgium c.1924, including clandestine night-time pipe-fitting. → We blended Orval with Old Peculier to great effect; and, less successfully, with two classic bottled best bitters/pale ales. (We also inspired Ghost Drinker to have a go and we received some reports on Twitter, too: 1 | 2 | 3.) → A 100-word ‘beery short…
  • Williams Bros: Craft Before It Was A Thing

    28 Feb 2015 | 12:06 am
    The quintessentially Scottish brewery Williams Bros began its life in 1988 when an elderly woman walked into a home-brewing supply shop in Glasgow and approached the young man behind the counter with the recipe for a long lost style of beer with a legendary status – heather ale. Main illustration above by and copyright © 2015 Rachael Smith who blogs about beer at Look at Brew and is on Twitter as @lookatbrew. Other images courtesy of Williams Bros. A famous poem by Robert Louis Stevenson tells the story of how the Picts, defeated by a Scottish king, took to their graves ‘the secret of…
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    Jack Curtin's LIQUID DIET

  • Troegs Cultivator Helles Bock.

    Jack Curtin
    1 Mar 2015 | 6:29 pm
    Here is what I have to say about this beer. Buy some. It is delicious. Really, have I ever led you wrong? Well, except that one time….
  • Sam’s a hard act to follow….

    Jack Curtin
    20 Feb 2015 | 8:05 am
    Sam Calagione, that is, whose thoughts on A-B InBev’s recent activities re: the craft world  I pointed you to yesterday, but a report in this morning’s edition of the invaluable Beer Business Daily more than lives up to the challenge and underlines one possibility which could seriously limit distribution opportunities for craft brewers. It appears that A-B is on the verge of once again pressuring its distributors to embrace the “100% share of mind” approach that August Busch III originally promulgated by enforcing the compliance aspects of its Wholesale Equity…
  • Promises are meant to be….

    Jack Curtin
    19 Feb 2015 | 11:18 am
    Not broken, exactly, but subject to reality. When I said in the previous item that “regular” posting would resume hereabouts, you have to first consider just how regularly I was adding something new ever before the Big Blackout and I have to come to grips with a three weeks or long phalanx of deadlines staring me in the face. Also, it’s cold and I hate that. Anyway, I will do what I can as I can to make your visits here worth the while. For now–and this will surely brighten a few spirits–here is the indomitable Sam Calagione providing what is probably the best…
  • Whatever became of that nice Liquid Diet website?

    Jack Curtin
    18 Feb 2015 | 2:20 pm
    Dunno what anyone trying to access this site concluded over the last two weeks, but this post I put up at my other blog two days ago under the above headline gives you a bit of the background. All appears well now and regular posting will resume soon. A few of the readers of my beer-focused blog have found their way over here and more are likely to because is, and has been for a while, inaccessible. We are working on it and might even do a redirect so that anyone trying to reach that URL will be directed to this site automatically until the issue is resolved or, who…
  • More on that Budweiser advert: Elysian’s Dick Cantwell is not pleased.

    Jack Curtin
    2 Feb 2015 | 11:58 am
    From this afternoon’s Craft Business Daily: Chicago Tribune beer writer Josh Noel has just tweeted a preview of an article due out summing Elysian co-founder Dick Cantwell’s reaction to such apparent oversight. “I find it kind of incredible that ABI would be so tone deaf as to pretty directly (even if unwittingly) call out one of the breweries they have recently acquired, even as that brewery is dealing with the anger of the beer community in reaction to the sale,” the brewer apparently wrote the reporter, noting that “it certainly doesn’t make me feel any…
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    Pete Brown

  • Why CAMRA's Pub of the Year should be yours too

    Pete Brown
    19 Feb 2015 | 3:06 am
    On Tuesday the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) announced that the winner of its National Pub of the Year competition was the Salutation Inn in Gloucestershire. After visiting last October, I completely concur.What makes the perfect pub? It's the subject of one of my favourite ever pieces of writing. In fact you could write a very good book about it. (Perhaps even more than one - watch this space).There are, of course, many potential factors. But usually, at the heart of it, are the people who run it. The best local breweries, most stunning views or finest Victorian architecture count for…
  • Announcing my next beer book: "What are you drinking?" No really, do you know?

    Pete Brown
    12 Feb 2015 | 5:35 am
    Following my announcement last night about my new crowdfunded beer book project, we go live today - and here's the idea I'm working on.Beer is many things.It’s often cold, always wet, usually refreshing. It’s democratic, straightforward and accessible, but can also be complex and challenging. It can be blond, brown, red or black, strong or weak, light and spritzy, creamy and zesty, rich and fruity, chocolatey, coffee-like, spicy, piney, citrusy, caramelised, sour, or even salty.Beer’s unique balance of exciting diversity and easy-going approachability have made it the most widely drunk…
  • I'm writing a new beer book - and testing out a new approach to publishing

    Pete Brown
    11 Feb 2015 | 11:46 am
    The publishing industry is in a state of flux, but new models are emerging - one of which allows me to write my first book about beer in six years. And you can get involved.A great deal has changed since I had my first book published in 2003. The beer scene, obviously, has changed beyond recognition. And so has publishing. When Man Walks into a Pub came out, there were lots of bookshops but no smartphones, no kindles, and most people didn't know what a blog was.Like everything else, publishing has now fragmented. And like many other careers, being a writer means you have to have several…
  • Awards galore! Your chance for glory

    Pete Brown
    13 Jan 2015 | 12:52 am
    Whatever drink you make or market, here's your chance to shine.I seem to have found myself judging rather more awards schemes at one time than is good for a chap. Each one is fantastic, and the number and scale of them is testament to how healthy and vibrant our drinks scene is. Everything is kicking off right now, so see what takes your fancy below.Beer Marketing AwardsThis is one I helped set up. We launched last November to plug a gap - there are, rightly, many awards celebrating brewing, but none pointing the way in terms of good marketing. There's never been a better time to celebrate…
  • What's the difference between craft beer snobs and Kopparberg drinkers?

    Pete Brown
    6 Jan 2015 | 4:09 am
    Are we really chasing authenticity, flavour and story? Or just endless novelty?If you follow North American beer writers on social media (and if not, you should) you might have seen this piece from yesterday, in which formidable beer writer Andy Crouch writes a perfectly balanced profile of Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Co, and craft beer's first billionaire.Jim, it seems, is pissed off. His brewery has become so big, the hip craft beer joints that arguably wouldn't be here without his vision will no longer stock his beers. His brand is no longer new, and the beers themselves, according to…
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  • Brewers Association promotes Small BREW Act, opposes BEER Act

    Real Beer
    5 Feb 2015 | 9:38 am
    The Brewers Association has issued a press released indicates it opposed the BEER Act, legislation introduced in the U.S. house and supported by the Beer Institute. It begins by explaining that legislation was introduced in Congress that is supported by the BA and called the Small BREW Act. Bob Pease, CEO of the Brewers Association, issued the following statement on the BEER Act: “While the Brewers Association supports lowering excise taxes for small brewers, the BEER Act is not the way to do it. There are several problematic issues with this legislation including cost to the country,…
  • About THAT Super Bowl commercial

    Real Beer
    2 Feb 2015 | 9:49 am
    In case you missed the Budweiser commercial everybody is talking about, here it is: And here are a few things people are saying: – Bud Is Proudly ‘Macro’ Amid Micro-Brews in Swagger-Filled Super Bowl Ad. – Why the pro-macro beer Budweiser ad is so dangerous. – Budweiser Ad Declares War… On Itself? – Analyzing Budweiser’s Hypocritical, Anti-Craft Beer Super Bowl Ad. – Did Budweiser misfire with its anti-craft beer Super Bowl ad? – Super Bowl Commercial Shootaround: All the Fast Cars, Cool Insurance, and Unfathomable Sadness We Can…
  • Elysian Brewing latest A-B acquisition

    Real Beer
    23 Jan 2015 | 12:55 pm
    Anheuser-Busch announced it has agreed to purchase Elysian Brewing in Seattle, Wash., the third craft brewery (as defined by the Brewers Association) the brewing giant has acquired inside of 12 months. “For two decades, we’ve welcomed guests into our brewpubs and served them creative and impeccably crafted beers,” Elysian CEO Joe Bisacca said for a press release. He and his partners, Dick Cantwell and David Buhler, will continue with the brewery. “After a lot of hard work, we’ve grown from one Seattle brewpub to four pub locations and a production brewery. With…
  • Lagunitas dropping suit against Sierra Nevada

    Real Beer
    14 Jan 2015 | 3:16 am
    A dispute between Lagunitas Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. that flashed in the public arena on Tuesday basically ended later in the day. Posting on Twitter, Lagunitas founder Tony Magee wrote, “Today was in the hands of the ultimate court; The Court of Public Opinion and in it I got an answer to my Question; Our IPA’s TM has limits.” On Monday, the California brewery took Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to court, claiming the brewery’s logo on its new Hop Hunter IPA violated Lagunitas’ trademark. As part of the lawsuit, Lagunitas was seeking a temporary…
  • Lagunitas claims Sierra Nevada infringes on trademark

    Real Beer
    13 Jan 2015 | 1:02 pm
    Lagunitas Brewing Co. has sued rival Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., according to the Press Democrat, alleging the Chico-based brewer has engaged in trademark infringement on its new Hop Hunter IPA label. Sierra Nevada is the second-largest craft brewer in the United Sates, while Lagunitas is No. 5. Lagunitas owner Tony Magee argues Sierra Nevada’s design on Hop Hunter uses all capital, large, bold and black “IPA” lettering that is similar design to his label. The suit was filed Monday in the federal district of northern California. Lagunitas alleges that the Hop Hunter “IPA”…
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    Shut up about Barclay Perkins

  • Let's Brew Wednesday - 1911 Heineken Bok

    4 Mar 2015 | 12:05 am
    You must be amazed. A Let's Brew three weeks in a row. What's happeneing to me.It's only because I've already written these recipes for another project. What is that project exactly? I'll tell you when it's 100% definite. It's almost there. Almost.We've another beer from Heineken's Rotterdam brewery. One of the ones they brewerd rather less of than the Gerste we saw last time. Logical enough, as Bok was a seasonal beer, as it still is today in Holland. They're released at an agreed date in October. But it waasn't always like that.Dutch Bokbier season used to be Lent. But breweries kept…
  • German brewing in the 1970’s – fermentation vessels

    3 Mar 2015 | 12:05 am
    Kieninger ends with an overview of the different German fermentation systems in use at the time.It’s pretty clear where his preferences lie. Again there’s not a single mention of beer flavour in his discussion.“Finally, I wish to discuss the types of fermentation vessels which may be used in breweries in the future. There are three main combinations of fermentation and maturation vessels in use at present.(a) The green beer may be fermented in cylindro-conical vessels and then matured in horizontal tanks. This method has the disadvantage that the yeast must be removed from the lager…
  • Cask beer in the 1950’s – Treatment of beer in cellars of public houses

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:05 am
    This is the chapter I’ve been leading up to. A very detailed account of how to – and how not to – handle cask beer in the pub.It’s one of the most useful, and fascinating, chapters I’ve ever come across. I’m not joking. It’s answered one question that’s been knocking around in my head for several decades. But that bit will come in a later post.This is the curse of the cask brewer:“Every brewer should realise that his duties do not end within the walls of the brewery. A brewer should take every opportunity of visiting his firm's licensed houses, in order to be fully…
  • German brewing in the 1970’s – fermentation (part two)

    1 Mar 2015 | 12:05 am
    What’s the best fermentation system? Who hasn’t asked themselves that while soaking in the bath or bobbing along to work on the bus, some grey winters day?You’re in luck, because Kieninger is going to tell us. Or at least give us his opinion. He worked at Weihenstephan, so he must be right, musn’t he?“Table XII also shows the most simple and effective method for the fermentation and maturation of lager beers of high quality in the light of modern knowledge. Primary fermentation is carried out in closed vessels, so that it is possible to collect the carbon dioxide and any required…
  • Cask beer in the 1950’s – finings

    28 Feb 2015 | 12:05 am
    This is such fun. And just wait until we get to the next chapter which deals with handling cask beer in the pub. That’s a real eye-opener.Let’s get started.“FiningThe composition of finings has already been described, also reason why they are used. Their aim is to effect as rapidly as possible the condition of clarity which, provided the beer has been properly brewed, would doubtless have resulted spontaneously in the long run. It remains now to deal with the quantity of finings which should be used, and the best time at which to use it.”"Brewing Theory and Practice" by E. J. Jeffery,…
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    The Barley Blog

  • Victory Brewing Moving Parts 03

    3 Mar 2015 | 4:27 am
    The post, Victory Brewing Moving Parts 03, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Victory Brewing’s first Moving Parts release was, for all intents and purposes, a pretty standard and tasty IPA. With the second batch of the ever-evolving IPA, the company crossed the pond with the use of all-English hops and English yeasts, making for another unique tasting experience. For this latest Moving Parts effort, the brewery stays […] The post, Victory Brewing Moving Parts 03, first appeared on The Barley Blog.
  • Great Lakes Brewing Blackout Stout

    2 Mar 2015 | 7:47 am
    The post, Great Lakes Brewing Blackout Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog. I’ve had a few Great Lakes Brewing beers since they started shipping to Virginia back in February of 2012, but none of their products were so firmly set in my sights as their Blackout Stout. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to finally find a bottle (or three) on shelves, but it […] The post, Great Lakes Brewing Blackout Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog.
  • Hardywood Pils

    27 Feb 2015 | 7:34 am
    The post, Hardywood Pils, first appeared on The Barley Blog. The humble pilsner is one of those styles that gets tossed to the wayside more often than it should — especially in the U.S. At least, that’s how it appears to this beer drinker. So when I run into a beer like Hardywood Pils, it brings joy to my heart that there are still brewers […] The post, Hardywood Pils, first appeared on The Barley Blog.
  • South Street Brewery Virginia Lager

    26 Feb 2015 | 3:56 am
    The post, South Street Brewery Virginia Lager, first appeared on The Barley Blog. After cracking open the decent Satan’s Pony, I was looking forward to what South Street’s Virginia Lager has in store for me. Well, to put it bluntly, I didn’t like what it had to offer. Virginia Lager starts off well enough, with a decent aroma and solid malt backbone on the palate. The problem is […] The post, South Street Brewery Virginia Lager, first appeared on The Barley Blog.
  • South Street Brewery Satan’s Pony

    25 Feb 2015 | 6:19 am
    The post, South Street Brewery Satan’s Pony, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Charlottesville’s South Street Brewery was just recently re-opened in 2014 under the watchful eyes of Mandi and Taylor Smack — founders of Blue Mountain Brewery. The duo apparently spent some time working at the location in the early 2000’s and decided it was important to keep the institution alive and well. The first brew that […] The post, South Street Brewery Satan’s Pony, first appeared on The Barley Blog.
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    The Beer Nut

  • Luck of the draw

    4 Mar 2015 | 12:17 am
    There was a raffle at the Beoir Christmas party at 57 The Headline, with a top prize of a box of Irish beers hand picked by the chairman Reuben. I never win anything so was very surprised when my number came out of the hat. Even better, there were a few in the set that I'd never tasted before. Cue this blog post.Puck Pilsner by Jack Cody's of Drogheda had been on my must-drink list for a while. It was a perfect clear gold colour on the first pour and had plenty of head retention, though perhaps I shouldn't have used a glass with so many nucleation points at the bottom. Still, drinking…
  • Cherishing the children equally

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:42 am
    When you spend a lot of time watching the doings of small breweries, the behaviour of big breweries can seem a bit weird. Diageo, for instance, has two new beers out but looks to be treating them in very different ways even though they're quite similar to each other, on paper at least.Smithwick's Blonde I learned about via my ancillary hobby of peering in pub windows at what they have on tap. The first place I noticed it was The Norseman, but the bold yellow font was also to be seen leering across the bar in The Boar's Head and neighbouring Slattery's on Capel Street. It was in the latter…
  • Imperial realm

    26 Feb 2015 | 12:24 am
    Two imperial stouts from the realm of New Zealand today.Moa Imperial Stout has some classy presentation, though the black-on-black label is quite difficult to photograph. This is 10.2% ABV and, enticingly, is aged in Pinot Noir barrels. The flavour begins with quite orthodox coffee and sweet caramel -- all very pleasant. But soon afterwards, the barrel drops into the middle of it all, adding a massive, jarring, sap-and-sawdust effect. Behind this lurks the wine, distinctively grapey and adding a sickly sweetness that doesn't fit at all well with the residual sugars from the malt. It's…
  • England streaming

    23 Feb 2015 | 12:05 am
    I've no idea why I've been dodging Thornbridge on this blog, but it seems I have. A notebook clear-out revealed a string of their beers that I'd drank on draught in Dublin over the last seven months but never got round to scribbling about. This post is for putting that right.Puja first, a 6.4% ABV pale ale found on keg at The Black Sheep. The odd ingredient is what attracted me: Puja is a jasmine IPA. It presents as a middling shade of orange, maybe towards red gold, and slightly hazy with it. There's a huge amount of complexity in the flavour but it's also extremely drinkable, given the…
  • Bad hatter

    19 Feb 2015 | 12:55 am
    From the people who brought us that weird but strangely pleasant pineapple lambic, a banana lambic. Chapeau Banana is 3.5% ABV and the label admits to 20% of it being banana flavouring. I was expecting something hazy and fluffy so was surprised when it poured clear and almost totally flat. The aroma pushes out a bright and busy foam banana sweet effect but also an underlying grumpy sour lambic tang: a real odd couple. A vinegary sourness dominates the flavour and the first sip brings a sense that maybe this is all going to be OK. But the banana candy is not to be outdone and leaps into shot…
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    The Brew Lounge

  • Beer Calendar: What To Do in March 2015

    1 Mar 2015 | 3:05 pm
    Beware the beers of March. They're out there. Everywhere from the shore to the mountains. Read on and see for yourself. As always, if I'm missing any that you feel should be on here, let me know. $20 and under, down to and including FREE...Pay As You Go (PAYG) also included here Philadelphia Sun. 3/1 - Victory Belgian Inspired Brunch at Varga Bar in Philadelphia, Pa. (12 p.m.; $PAYG) Mon. 3/2
  • Ten years of serving at The Brew Lounge - Where has time gone? - Part 1

    23 Feb 2015 | 2:30 am
    After twenty-plus years drinking the good stuff and now approaching ten years writing about it, if I had a dollar for every time someone said I should write a book about beer, I would've never had to write a book about beer. Last winter, after eight years of time served at The Brew Lounge, I was approached to write "Beer Lover's Mid-Atlantic", what has turned out to be a 416-page book about the
  • Weekly Beer Calendar Update: February 19 - February 28

    19 Feb 2015 | 2:30 am
    What can be said about more than a cool thirty beer events over the next ten days? Well, read below and learn all that needs saying. As you review beer events, don't forget As always, they host an impressive listing of beer event draft lists to help better inform your beer event planning. Click through here for a look at the full monthly calendar of beer events around the
  • Farm to Philly - Philly Beer Week 2015 goes to Belgium

    13 Feb 2015 | 2:30 am
    (click to visit full gallery of photos at Picasa) Tracking the "success" of writing something here versus there versus everywhere versus nowhere is typically a fruitless effort. I take my best shot and the chips lay scattered and crushed where they land. Figuring many of you catch my stuff in social-land, I'm gonna go out on a limb and presume that you're aware I just returned from Belgium.
  • Weekly Beer Calendar Update: February 12 - February 18

    12 Feb 2015 | 2:30 am
    Okay all you love bugs. Express your love for all your loves by getting the one you love out for some of the beverage you love the most. Ugh, that was a lot of love in one sentence. Whatever. You know you love it; go out and drink it up. As you review beer events, don't forget They continue to host an impressive listing of beer event draft lists to help better inform your
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    Wort's Going On Here?

  • Grapevine Craft Brewery Raises Funds for Grapevine Charity

    Jeff Holt
    2 Mar 2015 | 9:54 am
    Grapevine Relief And Community Exchange (GRACE) a community service organization that runs a food pantry, transitional housing, and a community clinic. In mid Februray their donation center was robbed and set on fire. Grapevine Craft Brewery Founder Gary Humble went to GoFundMe and pledged to match donation of up to $2500. Within days, the GoFundMe page had collected almost $15,000, bringing the total money raised to almost $20,000. You can read all about it here.
  • New Belgium Brewing Sues Oasis Brewing

    Jeff Holt
    28 Feb 2015 | 9:42 am
    New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado and Oasis Brewing Company in Austin both have a beer named Slow Ride. New Belgium says they filed a trademark application before Oasis did. Oasis on the other hand, maintain that they started selling their beer in May, before New Belgium's application was made. Both sides have dug in their heels, and until the matter is settled, New Belgium's Slow Ride Session IPA will be called New Belgium Session IPA in Texas.
  • Pop & Stop Ends the Horror of Wasted Beer!

    Jeff Holt
    26 Feb 2015 | 8:28 am
    Joe Hackel, a Denver area rocket scientist aeropace engineer, has come up with Pop and Stop--a 3D printed, silicone combination bottle opener and stopper. This device could end Beer Abuse around the world. He's started a Kickstarter to finance production of the device, so head over there and donate, already! Or you could just buy the BottleTool here. Either way...
  • This is the Droid I'm Looking For: Keg-a-Droid

    Jeff Holt
    24 Feb 2015 | 8:58 am
    Keg-a-Droid is made by a veteran robot manufacturer, SuperDroid Workshop. It consists of a wheeled platform with a modified, half barrel keg on top, and a tap tower, complete with CO2. Put a 1/6 bbl keg, or one of your Cornie Kegs, into the modified keg, full with ice and attach to the tap. A remote control system will bring your beer to you, not the other way around! Finally! It is a tad pricey, though. You need to pony up $2100 on their Kickstarter page to get your own Keg-a-Droid complete with a charging station (which I imagine to look like something Seven of Nine used on Star Trek:…
  • Siege Week Set Ahead of Alamo Beer Company Grand Opening

    Jeff Holt
    22 Feb 2015 | 7:00 am
    San Antonio, TX –  Alamo Beer Company will be touring local establishments to commemorate the historic “Siege of the Alamo.”  The beer company will be visiting 11 locations beginning February 23 through March 5. The tour concludes on March 6 with the public grand opening of the beer company’s beer hall, beer garden and the start of regular brewery tours. The Siege Week tour kicks off at Tucker’s Kozy Korner located at 1338 East Houston Street, on Monday, February 23 at 6:00 PM.  Other stops include Tycoon Flats, Bombay Bicycle Club, GS1221 plus others. A list of tour…
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  • Why Greene King doesn’t care that the haters hate its IPA

    Martyn Cornell
    25 Feb 2015 | 1:13 am
    Hard luck, haters: Greene King knows you don’t like its IPA, you think it’s too bland, “not a real IPA” at 3.6% abv, and it doesn’t care at all. Not the tiniest drop. In fact it’s probably quite pleased you don’t like it. You’re not its target market – it’s after a vastly larger constituency. If you liked its IPA, it’s fairly sure those people that Greene King would most like to capture to and in the cask ale market, young people, people still with a lifetime of drinking ahead of them, wouldn’t like it – and for that…
  • Why Rooney Anand is talking rubbish on minimum alcohol pricing

    Martyn Cornell
    7 Feb 2015 | 5:42 am
    I was disappointed and angry to see Rooney Anand, chief executive of Greene King, calling in the Daily Telegraph last week for minimum unit pricing for alcohol. Disappointed because the arguments for minimum unit pricing have been totally debunked, and Mr Anand should really have known he was talking rubbish – or his advisers should have told him. Angry because I cannot understand why he is using his position as boss of one of the largest brewers and pub operators in the country to promote the agenda of the neoprohibitionists for whom minimum unit pricing is but a small step on the way to…
  • Two traditional breweries: a photo-essay

    Martyn Cornell
    8 Jan 2015 | 1:57 am
    Compared to, say, Roger Putman, recently retired editor of Brewer & Distiller International magazine, who has visited more than 170 different breweries in his career, I’ve really not been to that many: fewer than 60, across four decades, albeit in six different countries. Pfff. Amateur status. But inexplicably, in 2014 I was welcomed into seven different brewhouses, of all sizes, that I had never been to before, from the massive new set-up at Guinness in Ireland to Twickenham Fine Ales’ current base, which may be bigger than its first home, but still produces less in a year…
  • Notes on a Fuggle: More light on the early history of a great hop

    Martyn Cornell
    23 Dec 2014 | 10:04 am
    Leave a question up on the web long enough, and I reckon you’ll eventually get some sort of satisfactory answer. More than five and a half years ago I pointed out that, thanks to the researches of Kim Cook, we actually knew a great deal less about the history of the Fuggles hop than we thought we did. The “official” history of what is one of England’s two greatest hop varieties says that “The original plant was a casual seedling which appeared in the flower garden of Mr George Stace of Horsmonden, Kent, and was first noticed in 1861 … the seed from which the…
  • I have found a beer women will like – and, ironically, it’s pink

    Martyn Cornell
    3 Dec 2014 | 3:46 am
    Oh, irony. It’s only a very short time since I mocked Nick Fell, marketing director at SABMiller, for sharing with us, in a presentation about getting more women to drink beer, the “duh, really?” statement that “no one wants a pink beer, including ladies.” But now I have discovered a beer I’m sure very many women will like – and it’s pink. Not that they’ll like it because of its colour, of course: they’ll like it because it’s a very fine beer, with great depth and complexity of flavour, a beautiful deep bassoon-like bitterness (in…
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    Brookston Beer Bulletin

  • Beer In Ads #1483: Green Tree Bock

    Jay Brooks
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:37 pm
    Tuesday’s ad is for the Green Tree Brewery of St. Louis, and specifically their Buck Beer — apparently a bock — from 1906. Weird that they called it “buck” but then again perhaps they were thinking ahead and believed it was be easier to own or trademark the name which I confess I... [[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
  • Patent No. 4253878A: Light Protective Bottle Glass

    Jay Brooks
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:36 pm
    Today in 1981, US Patent 4253878 A was issued, an invention of Robert L. Weaver and Alastair M. Jamieson, assigned to The Molson Companies Limited, for their “Light Protective Bottle Glass.” Here’s the Abstract: A light protective bottle glass for use in beer bottles to prevent or... [[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
  • Beer Birthday, Part 56: Jay Brooks

    Jay Brooks
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:31 am
    Today is my 56th birthday, and even though it’s still early in the day, as in previous years I’ve again been overwhelmed by an embarrassment of friends and colleagues wishing me a happy day via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. My sincere thanks to one and all. Since it’s usually me... [[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
  • Patent No. 3123476A: Production Of Hopped Wort

    Jay Brooks
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:28 am
    Today in 1964, US Patent 3123476 A was issued, an invention of Michael Edward Ash, assigned to Arthur Guinness Son and Company for his “Production of Hopped Wort.” Here’s the Abstract: The invention relates to the hopping of wort, a stage in the brewing process which takes place... [[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
  • Beer Birthday: Jeff Cioletti

    Jay Brooks
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:21 am
    Today is the 43rd birthday of Jeff Cioletti, president of Drinkable Media and Editor-at-Large for Beverage World magazine. He’s been covering the business of beer for quite a long while. I run into Jeff at numerous industry events, and we’ve taken a press trip to Belgium. Join me in... [[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]
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    MNBeer - Craft beer news from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond

  • BBSU Starts Wednesday!

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:39 am
    Better Beer Society University starts Wednesday! There are still some open spots, so grab your no. 2 pencils (or perhaps your keyboard) and sign up today! Classes meet Wednesdays from March 4th through May 20th at either 6pm or 7:30pm at Republic Seven Corners. Now in it’s third year, Better Beer Society University offers up ...
  • Chop & Brew # 34: Bad Ass Saison with Nathan Smith

    1 Mar 2015 | 10:09 am
    Our homebrewing friends at Chop & Brew are back in the Bad Ass Brewery with a bad ass guest host and co-brewer – Nathan Smith! Nathan is an awarding-winning homebrewer who calls the Bay Area home, but he’s originally from Minnesota — which is why he’s such a great brewer, of course. During a recent ...
  • Wabasha Brewing Co. is Open

    27 Feb 2015 | 10:27 am
    Wabasha Brewing Company momentarily took the seat designated as “Minnesota’s newest brewery” yesterday, pouring pints for thirsty craft beer fans in St. Paul. Starting as an idea “eight beers in” (or thereabouts), the guys from Wabasha are offering up four beers (cream ale, porter, IPA, IIPA) in pints and growlers for your imbibing pleasures. Wabasha ...
  • Summit Hop Silo Tasting Notes

    26 Feb 2015 | 10:16 am
    Here’s a fun little video with Eric and Gabe from Summit Brewing and some Hop Silo. Enjoy.
  • Surly Doomtree Cans Debut Today

    25 Feb 2015 | 4:30 am
    Fans of Surly and/or Doomtree take note: Surly Doomtree cans will be available for the first time in Minnesota later today at The Depot Tavern as part of Doomtree’s First Avenue pre-party event. If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on tickets to tonight’s sold-out show, you’ll also be able to drack open ...
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  • #freshhopnz15 STARTS NOW!!!!

    2 Mar 2015 | 11:33 am
    Yesterday 13 Auckland brewers, and many of Auckland’s craft beer bars met to discuss the details for #freshhopnz15 An event which will feature 13 beers made with Fresh Hops, straight from the hop fields of Nelson. Like this Facebook page and stay up to date with developments, updates from breweries, launch date as well as the list of the beers and the bars and outlets you can get them in.   Read about what we did last year #freshhopnz14 BEERVANA – Fresh Hop 2014 - 3/3/14 24 HOURS IN THE HOP FIELDS (Part 1) – 11/3/14 24 HOURS IN THE HOP FIELDS (Part 2) – 12/3/14 FRESH HOP…
  • The Problem With Craft Beer

    16 Feb 2015 | 11:54 am
    Last week I got a notification of a liquor store that put on a keg of Epic Apocalypse. I was shocked, as we had last brewed that in May 2014. I check into when we had shipped it, and found out that it was June 2014. This beer was in an EcoKeg which generally is best in the first six months. Therefore I wasn’t very happy that this beer was now being sold to beer drinkers excited to try something new. This beer was not intended to be stored or aged for this extended period. It is a Black IPA, and the hops would have seriously diminished. I’m not saying the beer would have been bad…
  • The New Zealand Beer Festival 2015

    15 Feb 2015 | 11:45 pm
    [COPY OF EMAIL JUST RECEIVED FROM NZ BEER FESTIVAL ORGANIZERS] Hey there, As you’ve probably figured out, The New Zealand Beer Festival is taking a break in 2015. Every year we pick a date that will create the best experience to showcase your wares in Auckland, this year we don’t see a clear “to market” strategy, so we’re focussing our energy on 2016. This year the Cricket World Cup takes over The Cloud and Shed 10 in February and March. Cruise ships all through April. That pushes us too deep into winter, and there’s just not sufficient space to hold every one indoors. We…
  • Coming Soon… New Zealand Hop Harvest 2015

    13 Feb 2015 | 3:10 pm
    This week I headed to Nelson (with a bunch of other brewers from around New Zealand) for the day (and night) for a visit to “The Hop Lab” at Plant & Food Research in Motueka. The focus was on the new 50 litre trial brew plant (manufactured by Chris Little Engineering) which is now being used to brew beers with the trial hop varieties to see if they show promise for brewing. It was a good time of year to do this, as it is a week before the New Zealand Hop harvest begins. The plants have hops on them, the hop growers aren’t too busy to be able to spend the afternoon with…
  • Happy 18th Birthday Baroona – by Alan Knight

    25 Jan 2015 | 2:04 pm
    (the following has been reproduce here with permission of the author/brewer Alan Knight. Congratulations to Alan and Waiheke Island Brewery for 18 years) Baroona on tap – Waiheke Island Brewery Auckland Anniversary Weekend and the City of Sails is celebrating its 175th year. But over here on Waiheke Island there’s another interesting birthday being marked. For it was eighteen years ago today that the first two kegs of Baroona Beer rolled out of the new brewery for the public to try. I’d spent three months with brewery owners John Wallace and Bill Lyttle getting the barn…
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    STL Hops - A St. Louis Beer Blog

  • Week of 02/27/14 Beer Tastings

    27 Feb 2015 | 10:09 am
    Today, from 4PM to 6PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which they will be pouring: Gale’s Prize Old Ale 1997, Uinta Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Cockeyed Cooper, Uinta Brewing Sea Legs Baltic Porter, Uinta Brewing Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, and BAIRD / ISHII / STONE Stone Green Tea IPA. Additional information can be found at their blog. Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton continues its Friday Night Flight of the Week tonight featuring Bell’s Hopslam, New Belgium Cocoa Mole, Sierra Nevada Ovila Quad, Dieu du Ciel! Isseki Nicho, and…
  • Deschutes Teku Keep the Glass Night at iTAP Soulard

    25 Feb 2015 | 7:31 am
    There are some members of the STL Hops community that take their glassware very seriously. No judgment here, not only can the right glassware enhance the enjoyment of the beer you’re drinking, but they can also look cool as well. The Teku glassware definitely hits both points. What if you could not only get yourself a fantastic glass, but enjoy some rare Deschutes beers in it as well? Well, you’re in luck because this Wednesday, February 25th beginning at 6PM you’ll have your chance to take home a Teku glass and enjoy a crazy line-up of beers from Deschutes Brewery. The…
  • Dave Bailey’s Bridge Celebrates Five Years

    24 Feb 2015 | 11:20 am
    Sometimes I feel like Rip Van Winkle. I wake up and years have passed. Wasn’t it just 2010? How is it already 2015? Granted, this isn’t a terrible thing. Watching as the world keeps changing is certainly fascinating. But time can definitely sneak up on you. What’s more surprising to me is not finding out the Dave Bailey’s beautiful beer bar Bridge is celebrating five years in business, but that it’s ONLY celebrating five years in business. It feels like the Bridge has been with us much longer than that, which speaks to just how wonderful of an establishment he…
  • 2015 St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival

    24 Feb 2015 | 8:31 am
    The passion for beer in St. Louis has been absolutely insane.  It seems like every time you turn around, you’re seeing another dinner or festival.  This is truly a great time to love beer in the St. Louis area.  It’s good to know that even the chill of late February doesn’t keep people from putting on great beer festivals such as the St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival. Here’s a look at what’s going on for the 2015 St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival which will be taking place the weekend of February 26th and ending on February 28th: Thursday 2/26/15 Brewmaster…
  • Week of 02/20/14 Beer Tastings

    20 Feb 2015 | 11:37 am
    Today, from 4PM to 6PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which they will be pouring: Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout, Oskar Blues Dale Pale’s Ale, Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Oskar Blues Old Chub NITRO, Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA, Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red IPA and Oskar Blues Pinner IPA. Additional information can be found at their blog. Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton continues its Friday Night Flight of the Week tonight featuring Prairie Ales Limo Tint, Oskar Blues Pinner, Public House Hide &…
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    Stonch's Beer Blog

  • Laters

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:12 am
    Time for a break from everything. Me and my hiking boots are back off to the Frankische Schweiz in Germany to tackle some freezing cold hills and a few mugs of cool landbier. Consequently the blog will be silent this week, but I'll have plenty to write about when I get back. This is how I feel.
  • "The future of pubs - if CAMRA keeps winning"

    2 Mar 2015 | 12:00 am
    You must read this transcript of author Christopher Snowdon's speech to a conference on the future of pubs last week. In November Parliament legislated to the effect that tied publicans could, upon certain trigger events, demand a free-of-tie, market rent option from their pubco or brewery. It was hard to cheer the apparent success of CAMRA and the anti-pubco campaigners because it wasn't
  • The Ram Brewery

    1 Mar 2015 | 12:45 am
    Photo from the Londonist I've been caught napping. I had no idea that brewing had continued at the old Ram Brewery in Wandsworth, the former home of Young's. In my defence, it's been pretty low key, as this fantastic article in the Londonist describes. Ex-Young's brewer John Hatch was retained by the developers who bought the land in 2006 as a site manager. He built a small nanobrewery in the
  • Give thanks to InBev

    28 Feb 2015 | 3:51 am
    Breathless beer fanatics can confidently list off the breweries they consider to have blazed a trail: Brew Dog, Kernel, Camden and what not. And to some extent they're right to identify such microbreweries as game changers on the British beer scene. But beer geeks, bless 'em, do have a tendency to be short-sighted and ignore what came just a few years before. There are a few products that
  • The inside out pub

    27 Feb 2015 | 6:10 am
    I'd hardly be breaking new ground if I wrote about how great the Marble Arch in Manchester is, so I won't. It would be about as dull as a post about gender issues or a bottle of beer I drank in my kitchen (both beer blogger favourites at the moment, it seems). Suffice to say my first visit to this famous pub was a joy and the beer was excellent. We were joined by Tandleman who took us on a
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    Musings Over a Pint

  • They Closed Schools Again

    2 Mar 2015 | 5:44 am
    All I encountered driving to work was cold and fog.Over the last few weeks, it seems the rule here is schools close one day for each inch of snow. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]
  • Feast of St. Gabriel Possenti

    27 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    Today we celebrate the Feast Day of the Patron Saint of Handgunners, St. Gabriel Possenti. We have a fondness for the Saint around here, and have even organized the occasional range trip in his honor. Our "sister blog" Gabriel Possenti Shooters, is devoted to building fellowship among Catholic shooting enthusiasts and to promote awareness among the faithful of the natural right self defense.Today would be a good day to hit the range. Here's hoping...See this post from February 27, 2013 for more on our affinity for this Saint.St. Gabriel Possenti ora pro nobis! [ This content originated…
  • The ISIS Shooting Drill

    26 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    I got a chuckle over this picture making the rounds on Facebook recently.The target on the right is a popular design, and one we use often. I found the picture below, taken during a range trip last fall.With just a few more props we could run an "ISIS Drill." You never know when it might come in handy.  [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]
  • Stay Holy With Drink

    25 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    Some Lenten advice.Translation:Who drinks, sleepsWho is sleeping, do not sinWhoever does not sin, is holyTherefore, he who drinks is holy.H/T St. Peter's List [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]
  • Drink More Coffee

    24 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    The report of the government's 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is good news for caffeine addicts. Coffee, and lots of it, might be good for you.Not only can people stop worrying about whether drinking coffee is bad for them, according to the panel, they might even want to consider drinking a bit more. The panel cited minimal health risks associated with drinking between three and five cups per day. It also said that consuming as many as five cups of coffee each day (400 mg) is tied to several health benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2…
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    The Brew Club

  • Thornbridge Jaipur X Imperial IPA – 10% ABV

    Bob the Brit
    23 Feb 2015 | 1:31 am
    This is both Jaipur, and very, very strong. It's not a barley wine or 'winter warmer', it's very much an Imperial IPA, and very drinkable, with caution.
  • Shepherd Neame Brilliant Ale 5.6% ABV

    Bob the Brit
    16 Feb 2015 | 1:39 am
    This is the third of Shepherd Neame's 'recreated classic' ales that I've reviewed for The Brewclub, and interestingly, this one is brewed from the oldest recipe.
  • Meantime London Pale Ale – 4.3% ABV

    Bob the Brit
    9 Feb 2015 | 3:31 am
    London Pale seeks to replicate the tradition of 18th Century pale ales, London Pale Ales were the basis from which India Pale Ales derived, and we know where that all ended.
  • Thornbridge Jehanne 7.4% ABV

    Bob the Brit
    2 Feb 2015 | 12:17 am
    This is as good a Biere de Garde as I've tasted, and you have to bear in mind that I consider Jenlain to be one of my favourite ever beers. As such this merits five Brewclub stars.
  • Lancaster Black Ale 4.5% ABV

    Bob the Brit
    26 Jan 2015 | 12:54 am
    The flavour is a revelation! The first hit is chocolate and coffee, followed rapidly by a rush of hops… spicy, resinous and piney. The chocolate and the hops do a tango on your tongue, while black liquorice and treacle (molasses in the colonies) tap you politely on the shoulder seeking to interrupt the dance.
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    Bevlog | beer, wine, spirits trends | beverage blog

  • ARTAL: The Movie

    Robert C. Lehrman
    1 Mar 2015 | 3:02 pm
    First there was ARTAL the list. Then there was ARTAL the blog post. And now, there is ARTAL:  The Movie. In which Oli tries to help you remember the power and pitfalls of the big list of Allowable Revisions to Approved Labels. In brief, this should help you remember that you don’t need a new COLA every time you make a change to your already-approved label. There are dozens of small and not so small changes that are ok to make, without any need of a new COLA — or the wait, frustration, and expense. Related Posts: Why on Earth Would Anyone Need a Lawyer to Help Get a COLA? (1) Oak…
  • Why on Earth Would Anyone Need a Lawyer to Help Get a COLA?

    Robert C. Lehrman
    14 Feb 2015 | 6:36 am
    Ladies and gentlemen it is with great pleasure that I introduce Oli, the sporadically employed climate scientist, from Chichester. What does that have to do with labels and COLAs? Watch and see. Find out why some may benefit from having a small group of specialized lawyers and paralegals to help you get things moved through TTB and to the marketplace with less pain and delay. Related Posts: Vas Deferens Ale (0) Unspeakable Beer (0) Umami Spirits, with Mushrooms and Durt (0)
  • A Great Bud Ad

    Robert C. Lehrman
    2 Feb 2015 | 3:22 pm
    What was the best beer ad, or ad of any type, in yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast? Hint, it was a Bud ad, but not the one with the dogs, horses, and wolf. Instead, it was the one above. The one in which Bud took on its main competition, directly and powerfully, roughly like those on the field. It’s the first time in many years that Bud did not seem to be on the defensive. It seems clear that Bud’s plan is to defend Bud the brand such as above, and defend Bud the company by buying a bunch of esteemed craft brewers. Maybe they can have their cake and eat it too. Before I scope…
  • Oak Aged Vodka

    Robert C. Lehrman
    17 Jan 2015 | 6:26 am
    TTB does not allow Aged Vodka, or Aged Gin. But this would seem to show it’s pretty easy to work around these arcane, antiquated restrictions. Note how the word “aged” is nowhere but everywhere on this label, and Absolut does not mind throwing in a reference to “craft” for good measure. Related Posts: Tito Responds (16) The Tito’s Lawsuit: When Approval is Not Approval (15) Rye Beer (1)
  • Tito Responds

    Robert C. Lehrman
    4 Jan 2015 | 6:35 am
    Over the years many have suggested that Tito’s vodka is not really made in small batches or by hand. I tried to keep an open mind, as the brand grew, and even in the face of the lawsuits summarized here. So I have been particularly looking forward to a response, on the merits, at long last, from the source. Tito finally responded, on November 17, 2014, in the form of a motion to dismiss the Florida case. (The defendants also filed a similar motion, a month later, in the California case. The California motion is 28 pages and substantially similar to the one filed in Florida, right down…
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    Examiner craft beer Channel Articles

  • Victory Brewing 2015 Release Calendar Revealed

    Nicholas Alfonse, Jersey Shore Craft Beer Examiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 6:00 pm
    Feast your eyes on this. The Victory Brewing Company 2015 beer brand calendar is officially out, chock-full of sudsy enjoyment for every month of the year. Along with familiar faces such as Hopdevil and Prima Pils, Victory will be...
  • ABC's sweet treat named after central Pa.'s landscape

    William Felo, Harrisburg Craft Beer Examiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:01 pm
    Water Gap Wheat Ale is one of the eight current flagship year-round beers made by Appalachian Brewing Company, located in the heart of Harrisburg. It is the lone wheat beer made by Appalachian and is named for the multiple...
  • Doing craft beer and brewing right on Maine island

    Charlie Papazian, Beer Examiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 9:31 am
    I’m back. After a one year hiatus I’ll be returning to the coast of Maine late this summer to teach my 5th craft beer course, presented this year as Doing Craft Beer & Brewing Right...
  • The Craft Critique-Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen

    Aimee Plesa, Cincinnati Drinks Examiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:23 am
    I will be the first to admit that I have adventurous taste in beer. Unlike most people who prefer a certain style of beer or a specific brand, I am all over the place. I will try any beer you...
  • Give the gift of beer and end the cycle of regifting

    Aimee Plesa, Dayton Christmas Examiner
    3 Mar 2015 | 7:49 am
    If you have a beer lover in your close-knit group of family and friends, you can stop the madness of futile gift shopping followed by the inevitable tradition of regifting by sharing these holiday gift suggestions from Merchant du...
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    Fermentedly Challenged

  • Colorado Beer News 030315

    3 Mar 2015 | 3:01 pm
    Colorado celebrates 303 Day today! The area code and calendar date line up once a year. It's a day to celebrate everything great you love about Colorado - including all that great craft beer. The snow may be falling, but don't let that stop you (just be careful out there). Here's what's happening around the Colorado craft beer scene today Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015. If you aren't reading this article on, you don't know what you're missing.[CO Beer Festivals] -- [CO Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]Metro DenverRock Bottom Brewery - Denver - Tomorrow, Wednesday March…
  • Pour your own beer by the ounce at First Draft

    3 Mar 2015 | 9:10 am
    How would you like to have a selection of 40 taps of beer, wine and cider and be able to pour it your self for as many ounces as you wish? A new business headed to Denver will soon let you do just that - First Draft. Check out their press release issued today.First Draft - Opening Soon in RiNoPour your own craft beer, wine, and cider at First Draft[PRESS RELEASE] Denver, CO, March 3, 2015 – First Draft, a new taproom and kitchen concept, is coming to the River North (RiNo) neighborhood of Denver in late spring/early summer 2015. With 40 taps of craft beer, wine, and cider and the ability to…
  • Colorado Beer News 030215

    2 Mar 2015 | 3:07 pm
    What will March bring? To the brewery taps that is. Expect to see a lot of Irish-themed beers pouring this month in Colorado. It's also going to be one of the snowiest months of the year - so keep warm with a pint of your favorite winter warmer. Keep reading Fermentedly Challenged for upcoming St. Patrick's Day events and tappings. Here's what's happening around the Colorado craft beer scene today Monday, March 2nd, 2015. If you aren't reading this article on, you don't know what you're missing.[CO Beer Festivals] -- [CO Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]Metro…
  • Colorado Beer Releases February 2015

    2 Mar 2015 | 11:31 am
    February 2015 was Stout Month for many Colorado breweries as big, bold, dark brews tended to dominate the brewing landscape here in the state. February also saw record heat as well as record snow. It made for some rare February patio drinking days. Luckily, there was a bounty of new beer releases in the state. Something for just about every taste.The following list is a recap of just some of the known craft beers that were released during the last month in Colorado. How many of these beers did you try? Winter seasonals were released in numbers. Here's what was new for the month of February…
  • Colorado Beer News 022715

    27 Feb 2015 | 2:58 pm
    Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy. Today's post is dedicated to the memory of one of our favorite actors who passed away today. Let us all lift a glass of our favorite craft beer and toast to his legacy. Live Long and Prosper! And thanks for all the great memories too. He will be missed. Here's what's happening around the Colorado craft beer scene today Friday, February 27th, 2015. If you aren't reading this article on, you don't know what you're missing.[CO Beer Festivals] -- [CO Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]Metro DenverFERMÆNTRA - New beer tapped today. Stop in…
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    Walking and Drinking Beer

  • The Great Adobe Castle of the Santa Fe Trail -- Bent's Fort

    27 Feb 2015 | 4:11 pm
    Traders and guides on the Santa Fe Trail at Bent's Old Fort during one of their many re--enactment events.Few roads in history have conjured up romantic images like the Santa Fe Trail.  It lasted only 60 years, from 1821 to 1880, but for that short time it was America’s first international highway.  And the most colorful.  Across 900 miles of open prairie, from Missouri to Old Mexico, the Santa Fe Trail became one of the most important commerce roads in the world, bringing goods from Europe -- wool, silk, iron tools and cotton cloth -- to Mexico and returning with furs,…
  • San Francisco -- the City in a Park

    27 Dec 2014 | 12:33 pm
    From Presidio National ParkMost cities have parks inside them.  But San Francisco is a city inside a park.   And an 80,000-acre national park at that.  Along the coast, in the bay, on the other side of the bay, and even right through the heart of the city, San Francisco is surrounded and cut by a series of national parks and monuments that have preserved the beauty and history of the area. Today, you can see an island prison that was once home to the gangsters Al “Scarface” Capone and “Machine Gun” Kelly.  You stroll the wooden deck of a century old sailing…
  • Around Northern Italy by Train

    16 Nov 2014 | 11:36 am
    Varenna has train service.  From here you have to take a ferry to Bellagio. The Italians are many wonderful things – but slow, safe and sane drivers, they are not.  Italian highways resemble race tracks more than roads, and cars can be expensive and a hassle in the country’s ancient, pedestrian-oriented cities. The solution is to tour Italy by train.  All the grand stops of Northern Italy are 2-3 hours apart by rail.  Italian train cars are efficient and comfortable and many seats come with tables and power outlets so you can catch up on emails as you zip through the…
  • A European Weekend in the Desert of Las Vegas

    8 Mar 2014 | 1:11 pm
    The dancing fountains of Bellagio.It was winter and I’d had enough of America.  Too much snow, too much cold, too many chain stores and too much traffic.  I needed a summer in Europe.  I needed to walk in twilight past splashing fountains, to linger over a good meal at an outdoor cafe, to feel the sun and the rustle of green tree branches overhead, to see flowers and statuary and history and art, all placed around me, for no reason except for their beauty.  I needed to experience the joy de vie, the wines and the haute cuisine of the French and Italians.And so I went to…
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Custer’s Last Stand

    29 Jan 2014 | 4:06 pm
    "Call of the Bugle," by J.K. Ralston is one of the more accurate depictions. On the afternoon of June 26, 1876, on high bluffs above the Little Big Horn River, Col. George Armstrong Custer halted the 7thCavalry and dictated an order.  “Benteen.  Come On.  Big Village.  Be Quick.  Bring Packs.  P.S.  Bring Packs.”  The order was scribbled and handed to trumpeter John Martin, who grabbed it and galloped off in the direction of Captain Benteen and the left battalion of Custer’s command.  As he rode away, the trumpeter turned in his saddle for…
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    Hop Cast

  • Episode 258: Kavorka & Blot Out The Sun (Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski)
    24 Feb 2015 | 11:21 am
    Click here to view the embedded video. Welcome to the Hop Cast, where Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder share their love of craft beer with the world. In this weeks episode, Brad and Ken dive into two different Midwest Imperial Stouts. First up is the 11.5 % ABV Kavorka from the Naperville brewery, Solemn Oath. This beer is a winter release from Solemn Oath and is thick, chewy and viscous with a complex malt profile comprised of roasted barley, dark chocolate, molasses and dark fruit with a light, piney hop balance. Brad and Ken follow up the Kavorka with the 10.40 % ABV Blot…
  • Episode 257: Allagash Hugh Malone Ale & Farm To Face (Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski)
    12 Feb 2015 | 12:21 pm
    Click here to view the embedded video. We’ve got a special guest on episode 257 and he brought along beer! Jake Williams joins Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder on this all Allagash episode. Jake recently went back home to Maine and brought these two delicious beers back for the Hop Cast. First up, the three guys open the Hugh Malone Ale, a 7.8 % ABV Belgian Style IPA. Allagash Brewing Company will donate $1 from every bottle of Hugh Malone Ale sold to local community gardens and The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners. So you’re drinking for a good cause when you pick this one up.
  • Episode 256: The Crisp & Piercing Pils (Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski)
    2 Feb 2015 | 10:56 pm
    Click here to view the embedded video. It’s time for Pilseners in episode 256 of the Hop Cast! It might not be the perfect season for a Pilsener but Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are always down for finding a new great Pils. First up, The Crisp a 5.40 % ABV German Pilsener from Sixpoint Brewery in New York. This beer comes in the new skinny cans from Sixpoint Brewery, which make them perfect for traveling. Next up, Brad and Ken open up the Piercing Pils from Dogfish Head Brewery. It’s been a little too long since there’s been any Dogfish Head beer featured…
  • Episode 255: Vertex IPA & Falco IPA (Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski)
    17 Jan 2015 | 11:20 am
    Click here to view the embedded video. In episode 255 of the Hop Cast, Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder are back at it with a couple new IPAs. First up is the 6.30% ABV Vertex IPA from DESTIHL Brewery. Everyone seems to go nuts for DESTIHL Brewery at different festivals, especially their sour beers; you’ll always see a line for them. It’s nice to see them also doing an easy drinking IPA. Following up this tasty local IPA, Brad and Ken move on to the 7.00% ABV Falco IPA from Evil Twin Brewing. The story behind Evil Twin is very interesting and if you haven’t read…
  • Episode 254: Brown Note & Thunderbrew Anniversary Ale (Ken Hunnemeder and Brad Chmielewski)
    9 Jan 2015 | 1:33 pm
    Click here to view the embedded video. Be warned, episode 254 is full of great fart jokes as Brad Chmielewski and Ken Hunnemeder crack open a couple Brown Ales. Ok, now that we’ve peaked Gary Gulley’s interest… First up, Brad andKen try The Brown Note from Against The Grain Brewery. This is a 5% ABV English Brown Ale that has one of the most ridiculous labels you’ll find. Following up this brown beauty, Brad and Ken open up the Thunderbrew Anniversary Ale. This was a beer Brad picked up recently at BlizzCon 2014.  The Thunderbrew Anniversary Ale was brewed for World…
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    BREWPUBLIC - Yeast, Malt, and the Pursuit of Hoppiness

  • Full Sail Brewing and Eastburn to host Stouts and Snouts

    D.J. Paul
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:00 am
    This Saturday, March 7th, Full Sail Brewing and Eastburn host Stouts and Snouts to benefit The Oregon Humane Society. Taking place from 7:00 to 10:00pm, Stouts and Snouts will offer the rare opportunity to sample 7 consecutive years of Full Sail’s Bourbon Barrel Aged vintages along with benefiting a great cause. Hors d’oeuvres will be […]
  • 18th Annual Lucky Labrador Barleywine & Big Beer Tastival Beer List

    D.J. Paul
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:45 am
    The 18th Annual Barleywine & Big Beer Tastival returns for another run to the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall on NW Quimby this coming weekend. Yes, it’s hard to believe that this “big beer” fest is now legal to vote. Taking place on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th, from Noon to 10:00pm each day, the […]
  • Two Beers Brewing Reveals ‘Cold Brew’ as Newest Seasonal Can

    3 Mar 2015 | 1:30 am
    SEATTLE (March 2, 2015) – Committed to crafting beers true to the Pacific Northwest, Two Beers Brewing Co. is excited to announce the release of its newest seasonal can: Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale. A chocolaty brown ale infused with locally roasted beans from SoDo-neighbor Fulcrum Coffee, this Seattle-inspired beer makes the perfect brunch companion, […]
  • Lompoc Announces Dagda Pan Gaelic Red Ale Release Party

    2 Mar 2015 | 1:48 pm
    Kick off St Patrick’s Day early at Lompoc Sidebar (3901 N Williams Ave) on Friday, March 13 from 4pm to close with the release of Lompoc Brewing's Dagda Pan Gaelic Red Ale. Join the Lompoc brewers for an Irish celebration including corned beef & cabbage, real live Irish music (from the radio) and pints of specialty ales.
  • Dogfish Head & Victory Brewing Present: Amber Waves

    D.J. Paul
    2 Mar 2015 | 3:00 am
    As the Craft Brewers Conference moves closer, those of us here in Portland need to begin preparing our calendars. There will be many various beer related events taking place around our great beercentric city and its never too early to prepare. And here is one that we feel will bring out the more creative side […]
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    Road Trips for Beer

  • Taste Vacations Belgium Beer Tour

    Gerard Walen
    27 Feb 2015 | 8:01 am
    Guest Post By Beth Peluse Picture your dream vacation. Does it involve beer? We are guessing it does, since you are on the Road Trips for Beer website. I would like to throw out a dream vacation idea for you. We at Taste Vacations, a luxury travel company specializing in beer, wine, and culinary tours, are offering a trip to Belgium this summer, July 26 – August 1, that specifically focuses on beer. While in Belgium, you’ll learn about its culture, history, and beer (of course) while visiting more than a dozen breweries, abbeys, and beer museums. We’ll be traveling across the country,…
  • New Albion Brewing Company to return during Cleveland Beer Week

    Gerard Walen
    17 Sep 2014 | 6:34 am
    According to the Brewers Association, more than 3,000 breweries – the vast majority of them small and independent – now pepper the landscape of the United States. Those who know their history pay homage to the man who launched the modern U.S. craft brewing scene – Jack McAuliffe, founder in 1976 of New Albion Brewing Company in Sonoma, California. His signature pale ale, New Albion Ale, was revived in 2013 with the aid of McAuliffe at the Boston Beer Co., makers of Sam Adams beers, but it was a limited-time endeavor. Now attendees of Cleveland Beer Week (Oct. 10-19) can quaff pints of…
  • Victory Brewing Company announces new brewpub in Leesburg, Virginia

    Gerard Walen
    3 Sep 2014 | 6:53 am
    News release DOWNINGTOWN, PA, September 3, 2014 – Philadelphia area-based Victory Brewing Company is announcing the brewery’s plans to open an additional brewpub, Victory at Courthouse Square, in Leesburg, Virginia. Slated to open in the second quarter of 2016, the restaurant will expand the service footprint of Victory while directly supporting the positive image of the burgeoning company and its products through direct hospitality services The brewpub will span three floors at Courthouse Square, an exciting L4 Capital Partners development comprising 112,000 square feet of office and…
  • Tipples and Travel: Great Places to Drink Beer

    Gerard Walen
    22 Aug 2014 | 11:34 am
    Image by Quinn Dombrowski, used under Creative Commons license By Holiday Hypermarket Even though summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean that the fun is over just yet. There are still places to go and things to see, not to mention beer to drink. Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast, or anywhere else, you can still go on a road trip for beer on cheap holidays. Here are three places in the United States that, whether it’s their quality of beer or just because it’s a cool city, you should stop by while the weather is still warm. Milwaukee, Wisconsin I mean, the city’s…
  • Bed, Breakfast and Beer

    Gerard Walen
    5 Apr 2014 | 8:00 am
    Guest post by Brittney Oliver Station Bar at Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck, MI Station Bar at Sherwood Forest Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck, MI Wine has sommeliers and beer has cicerones. The world of malts and hops is rapidly expanding and more and more microbreweries have been exploding onto the spirits scene. Emerging cults of beer enthusiasts are traveling far and wide to experience the fragility and deliciousness of the craft. Actually, some of the best places for beer lovers to vacation are at a bed and breakfast. Who knew? Many B&Bs offer fantastic packages and…
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    Seattle, Washington, Pacific Northwest

  • Beer and Girls Scout Cookies – at Full Throttle Bottles

    Kendall Jones
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:42 pm
    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Have they no shame? Don’t they know how hard we try to resist our cookie jones this time of year? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone hosting a beer and food pairing event featuring Girl Scout Cookies. Leave it to Full Throttle Bottles to hatch such an idea. There’s something about it that is so, I don’t know, wrong. Like Girl Scout Cookies aren’t hard enough to resist this time of year without bringing beer into the equation. Why bother trying to resist? I suppose it’s an idea whose time has…
  • Beer Release: Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale, Two Beers Brewing

    Kendall Jones
    2 Mar 2015 | 5:08 pm
    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Two Beers Brewing announces the release of its latest seasonal creation, Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale. Starting today, the beer is available in 12-ounce cans at select retailers, on tap at local pubs, and also at some of Seattle’s favorite brunch spots, like Brave Horse Tavern. Starting with a base of brown ale, Two Beers Brewing runs each batch of the beer through a second fermenter containing 18 pounds of course ground coffee beans—a single origin Ethiopian Harrar roast. The beer is run through the beans continuously for four hours…
  • Ghostfish Brewing Grand Opening – Sat. March 21

    Kendall Jones
    2 Mar 2015 | 3:14 pm
    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Not long ago we told you about our first visit to Ghostfish Brewing, which opened in February. Now we share word of the official grand opening celebration scheduled for Saturday, March 21. No only is Ghostfish one of Seattle’s newest breweries, it is also the city’s first gluten-free brewery. Don’t let that distract you; the beers are far more impressive than you might imagine. The event will include live music, food trucks, and special beer tastings. The musical lineup includes: Forty Year October, In the Between, C-Leb…
  • Hop Scotch Spring Beer & Scotch Fest – a rite of spring

    Kendall Jones
    2 Mar 2015 | 12:08 pm
    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. The official name is Hop Scotch Spring Beer & Scotch Festival, but people usually just refer to it as Hop Scotch: Seattle’s annual celebration of beer, Scotch, whiskey, and wine.  It’s a rite of spring around here, and although spring seems to have sprung early this year, Hop Scotch happened on April 3rd and 4th in Fremont. More than 20 breweries will pour at the event. For more info and to get your tickets, click here. When checking out, use the code WABEER to get three extra tasting tokens. Yes, there will be lots of beer at the…
  • Elysian Brewing’s Steve Luke prepares to burst out on his own

    Kendall Jones
    28 Feb 2015 | 9:39 am
    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. One of Elysian Brewing’s well-known and highly respected brewers recently learned a valuable lesson about the power of social media. He sent out a tweet thinking that only the 11 people who follow him on Twitter would see it. Someone with more than 11 followers retweeted it. And so on and so on. Before long, Steve Luke’s inbox filled up with requests for more information about his plans to leave Elysian Brewing and open his own brewery. The cat was out of the bag and Cloudburst Brewing now has more than 11 followers on Twitter. Those…
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    Booze News

  • Top 10 Underrated Red Wine Grape Varieties

    3 Mar 2015 | 9:47 am
    As the encyclopaedic Wine Grapes reminds us, there are a staggering 1,368 wine grape varieties currently identified on this planet, with scope for still more to be discovered; yet only a handful have made it into the mainstream. One might argue that from a marketing perspective the wine world is already impossibly fragmented, so why bamboozle consumers still more with obscure grapes? Then again, how many people a decade ago had heard of Prosecco? Likewise, the success of Grüner Veltliner should give hope to custodians of less easily pronouncable grapes. At a time when the wine world shows…
  • Water Sommelier Hosts $50 Tastings. Bathroom Breaks Included

    3 Mar 2015 | 9:37 am
    A water sommelier wants people to give as much thought to their choice of water as they would a bottle of wine, and is hoping that a $50 water tasting will convince them. Martin Riese, America’s only water sommelier, received his certification from the German Mineral Water Trade Association in 2009, shortly after he published his book Die Welt des Wassers, The World of Water. The German-born sommelier has been spreading the word about water ever since, believing each bottle to have a distinct taste determined by its terroir, much in the same way as wine. His first water menu launched at…
  • Ideal vaca! Winery in Canary Islands has ‘wine & sex’ nights

    3 Mar 2015 | 9:20 am
    Bodegas Monje in Tenerife has launched a series of “Wine & Sex” nights involving erotic games at its winery in the Canary Islands. The bodega describes the tasting events as offering consumers the chance to enjoy wine “from an erotic and gastronomic” point of view “without the usual protocols of tasting notes, terroirs, crus and polyphenols”. During the evening, participants are invited to taste wine either privately or as part of a group in “an original, fun way” via “music and sensual language balanced with theatre scenes and innovative erotic products”. In addition…
  • One of Ireland’s Most Revered Whiskies Arrives On U.S. Soil

    27 Feb 2015 | 9:39 am
    “It was almost exactly a year ago that I wrote here in these pages at about the eagerly anticipated arrival of the Green Spot, a delicious single pot distillation Irish whiskey made in tantalizingly small quantities. In that article I called it “arguably Ireland’s greatest whiskey,” and with the hindsight of time, I realize that may have been just a bit overzealous. If there is one Irish whiskey even more coveted than the Green Spot, it is its big sibling Yellow Spot, and that too is now available here for the very first time, starting this month. In fact, the whisky is…
  • Finally, A Baby Bottle That Looks Like A Lil Beer Bottle

    27 Feb 2015 | 9:09 am
    Because you’re that parent, this is a baby bottle that looks like a little beer bottle. Available for pre-order from Fred & Friends for $12, the Lil Lager Baby Bottle makes the perfect intro into beer for your youngster. After all, it’s only a couple more years before they can drink the real thing. What is the legal drinking age now, anyways? Six? Eight? I feel like it’s eight. Thanks to PYY, who agrees they need to make a 40-oz version. SOURCE: GEEKOLOGIE
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    The Beer In Me : News > The Beer In Me

  • Newcastle Brown Ale: Recipe change amid US colouring concerns

    8 Feb 2015 | 10:51 pm
    The recipe for Newcastle Brown Ale is to change amid US fears it contains a potentially cancer-causing colouring.Brewer Heineken said the move was prompted by customer concerns about a chemical found in the caramel colouring used to give its distinctive tint.None of the beer's ingredients are subject to any restrictions, but Heineken said it was "listening to consumer concerns".It said roasted malts would now be used to achieve a similar colour. by Jay Theriot
  • Anheuser-Busch Buys 10 Barrel Brewing

    7 Nov 2014 | 4:47 am
    AB InBev has announced that it has purchased another craft brewery—Oregon’s 10 Barrel Brewing. According to CNN, this is the second small brewery AB InBev has purchased this year, acquiring Blue Point in New York earlier in 2014.[Submitted by Jay Theriot]
  • Pabst Sold for $700 Million

    21 Sep 2014 | 3:31 am
    Looks like Pabst Brewing Company, makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon, is being sold to Oasis Beverages, a Russian brewing company and distributor. According to the New York Times, Oasis will pay between $700 and $750 million for the brand. In addition to PBR, Pabst also makes Colt 45 and Old Milwaukee, in addition to other legacy brands and local favorites including Lone Star, Ranier, Old Style, Schlitz and National Bohemian.[Submitted by Jay Theriot]
  • Miller Lite Brings Back Its White Label, Possibly Also Its Mojo

    4 Sep 2014 | 1:40 pm
    bottleThe return of Miller Lite’s original white can design was supposed to be a three-month novelty with an Anchorman 2 tie-in. The brand replaced the blue cans that have been in beer aisles since 2001, and an unexpected thing happened: Miller Lite sales immediately increased in the U.S. Encouraged, MillerCoors made the white cans permanent. Now bottles and tap handles will get the white label treatment, too.-Website Link-[Submitted by Jay Theriot]
  • Anheuser-Busch to import Montejo from Mexico

    7 Aug 2014 | 2:20 pm
    Hoping to tap the fast-growing Hispanic market, Anheuser-Busch is importing its first Mexican lager to the U.S.The subsidiary of Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest beer maker, said Wednesday that starting next month it will sell Montejo lager in bars, restaurants and grocery stores in California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. The move comes as both the Hispanic population and the market for Hispanic foods continues to grow in the U.S.;_ylt=AwrSyCSVjONTbTUACEDQtDMD[Submitted by Jay Theriot]
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    All Good Beer

  • Beers From Sweetwater Begin Flowing in Houston

    23 Feb 2015 | 9:01 am
    Sweetwater Brewing, named for a tributary of the Chattahoochee River, was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1997 by two former college roommates. It has since grown to be the 19th largest craft brewery thanks to their most popular beer, 420 Extra Pale Ale, and the rest of their regular lineup which includes the Sweetwater IPA, Georgia Brown Ale and Take Two Pils along with Blue (a light bodied ale with a hint of blueberry) and Hop Hash Double IPA (made with the hop resin scraped out of the hop pelletizer).There are various events around town this week to…
  • 8th Wonder Celebrating 2nd Anniversary

    13 Feb 2015 | 9:30 am
    8th Wonder is celebrating two years of brewing beer in the shadow of the Houston skyline with a party on Saturday, March 21st at 3:00pm. Tickets are available online and priced at $100 for VIP or $25 for General Admission. Only 200 of the VIP tickets are available and prices will increase after March 1st. Further details about what the VIP level gets you hasn't been released yet, but a post on their Facebook page indicated "rare tappings, private bathroom, merch, light bites, pint glasses and more". The event also includes musical performances by: The Suffers, Earphunk, Stooges Brass…
  • Hay Merchant's 3rd Anniversary

    11 Feb 2015 | 7:40 am
    The Hay Merchant is celebrating their 3rd anniversary on Thursday, February 12th. The doors open at 3:00pm, but there undoubtedly be a line forming way before then. Their Facebook page indicates Kevin has dug deep in their cellar and come up with a bunch of special beers to mark the occasion. The same post also includes a great parody of the recent Budweiser commercial:Post by The Hay Merchant.Copyright © 2012 - All rights reserved
  • Adelbert's Set to Release a Bière Brut

    31 Oct 2014 | 8:45 am
    Adelbert’s Brewery has announced that it's latest release, Sundowner, is a Bière Brut, a style not commonly produced in this country.A Bière Brut (also known as Bière de Champagne), is a style where the brewing and fermentation process is similar to how a champagne is produced, including using a champagne yeast and aging in the bottle for many months. Some of the more traditional Bière Brut brewed in Belgium and France are even put through the same process as champagne to remove the yeast (the bottles are stored inverted so the yeast collects in the neck of the bottle and that yeast is…
  • Record Number of Texas Breweries at 2014 GABF

    29 Jul 2014 | 12:33 pm
    The brewery registration process was tweaked a little for this year's Great American Beer Festival to try and avoid the "race to register" process that initially locked some breweries out of attendance last year (most were eventually accommodated). Instead, of the first come, first served process, all breweries wanting to enter beer for judging were able to register and indicate if they also wanted a booth on the convention floor. After the registration period closed, the total number of competition beers each brewery was allowed to enter was determined by dividing the number of competition…
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  • Beer Cap Maps

    Beer Blogger
    26 Feb 2015 | 6:25 am
    Beer Cap Maps - Craft beer drinkers are collectors. We collect massive cellars filled with bottles, collect memories and beer coasters from the bars and breweries we visit, and collect experiences of the many great beers and times we’ve enjoyed. One of the most common items many of us collect are the caps that top the bottles we have the pleasure of drinking. While many of us collect these little memories of brews passed, most of us struggle to find a way to display them. Beer Cap Maps are the coolest way to show off those prized bottle caps and your favorite…
  • Wander and Rumble Growler

    Beer Blogger
    11 Feb 2015 | 6:00 am
    Wander and Rumble Growler - Growlers are great.  Those half-gallons of goodness let us take beer from our favorite local breweries almost anywhere with us.  While the glass jugs we’re most familiar with are a cost-effective way to package most brews, they certainly have potential for problems too.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that has almost shed a tear when those bottles break and our brew ends up everywhere but in our bellies.  They also don’t seal the best sometimes and can leave things a bit flat.  All of our worries are gone with better…
  • Hammerhead Bottle Opener & Knife Sharpener

    Beer Blogger
    6 Feb 2015 | 8:30 am
    Hammerhead Bottle Opener & Knife Sharpener - We love tools that serve more than one purpose.  Anything that can do the work of two things rather than just one is almost always more convenient in our book.  When it comes to our beer gadgets, the same holds true.  Every beer lover needs plenty of bottle openers and a gadget that isn’t just a bottle opener is always better.  So how can we cut down on kitchen clutter and still pop bottles?  The Lanky Hammerhead knife sharpener keeps your cutlery and bottles popped. The Hammerhead Knife Sharpener & Opener fro…
  • DoohicKey Beer Bottle Opener

    Beer Blogger
    30 Jan 2015 | 5:56 am
    DoohicKey Beer Bottle Opener - Aaaah beer bottle openers.  Those great little tools that get us into our favorite beverage.  You never want to be caught without one when you need one and when carrying one with you, size is key.  Small bottle openers that can be hooked, clipped and carried anywhere are a must.  In addition to popping open your favorite beer bottle, any opener that can do more than simply open is of additional value to the beer holder.  The DoohicKey tool is perfect to carry anywhere and crack your craft brew any time. For those looking for a small bottle…
  • Bullets2Bandages .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

    Beer Blogger
    22 Jan 2015 | 6:56 am
    Bullets2Bandages .50 Caliber Bottle Opener - Craft beer drinkers are always looking for unique things.  New breweries and new styles to enjoy, cool places to enjoy them. When it comes to how we open our bottles, it’s much the same. Cool and unique bottle openers are something we all like to have. What if you could have an opener that’s not only unique and cool, but also helps raise money for a great cause? The Bullets2Bandages .50 Calibre Bottle Opener is a super cool way to pop bottles and support our veterans at the same time. Bullets2Bandages was started by…
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    Beer Cartel

  • Carlton Draught hits slow mo

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:11 am
    Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....
  • A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:11 am
    When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number…
  • Store update 19th May

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:11 am
    So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma,…
  • April Beer Club Selection

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:11 am
    Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen
  • Beer store update 5th May

    4 Mar 2015 | 2:11 am
    So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto…
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    Australian Brews News

  • Beer jobs: WA Sales and Marketing — Nail Brewing

    Help Wanted
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:03 am
    Nail Brewing has been brewing quality craft beer for 15 years, winning more gold medals than any craft brewery over the last couple of years. Having moved into a warehouse production in Bassendean in 2012, Nail is now established to enable growth for the next 5 years. Nail’s award winning beers are in the process of a marketing rebranding. Nail is looking for an experienced person to help improve its WA distribution.What’s the job?As a craft beer representative, you will be focused in the Perth metropolitan area draught beer sales and supporting the Wing Gangs bottle distribution and…
  • Get busy drinkin’ or get very boring

    Pete Mitcham
    1 Mar 2015 | 5:27 pm
    It was almost exciting to see the flurry of activity in various social media platforms in response to an ‘opinion’ piece in some newspaper from somewhere in Australia or online or something (no click-baiting here) which was almost as powerful (and vacuous) as something about the colour of a dress. Or Kim Kardashian’s arse. Or something.In essence, as Matt Kirkegaard so succinctly and deliciously put it; “Somebody somewhere said something mean about craft beer. Now the internet is in an uproar.” It’s very easy to get caught up in the furore that inevitably follows these shitstorms…
  • Brewing jobs: Experienced brewer — Mountain Goat

    Help Wanted
    1 Mar 2015 | 4:34 pm
    Mountain Goat Beer is looking for an experienced brewerWe’re stoked to offer a unique brewing opportunity. We need an additional brewer to join our passionate team. We’re looking for someone with a minimum of 3 years experience in a craft brewery environment to assist us as we continue to ‘innovate and create’ at our Richmond Headquarters.We’re after a brewer with a passion for beer, new flavours, a desire to experiment yet be able to maintain consistent quality.You’ll be brewing and packaging a wide range of beer styles (some you’ll create) on our 25hL DME brewhouse. Experience…
  • Wankers, stand down.

    Matt Kirkegaard
    26 Feb 2015 | 8:53 pm
    Here we go again.Somebody somewhere said something mean about craft beer. Now the internet is in an uproar. I am not going to link to it; if you want to read it, trust me it will come to you.Ok, let’s forget for a minute that the author is a freelance writer who gets more work if her articles get noticed and they will get noticed more if they create a stir.Let’s also forget the fact that craft beer is so hot right now that all you need to do is stick ‘craft beer’ and ‘top 10′ into a headline and you are all but guaranteed to go viral.Finally, let’s also forget the fact that the…
  • Try-It Thursday Feb 26, 2015

    Pete Mitcham
    25 Feb 2015 | 8:10 pm
    4 Pines Pale Ale4 Pines Brewery Manly, NSW 5.1% American Pale AleIn a week where we seem to have created quite the conversation about a certain, iconic US-inspired pale ale, it seems only fair that we showcase a beer that would also have a fair claim to ‘Australia’s best’. Always of a consistently high quality and — perhaps most importantly — widely available, it has carved a niche in the ever-broadening pale ale landscape.4 Pines Pale Ale ticks all the boxes when it comes to great beer. It’s hops are punchy and give a fresh hit of flavour and aroma atop a solid malt backbone.
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    The Jax Beer Guy

  • DUI, Part IV: Incarceration

    2 Mar 2015 | 10:14 am
    Last year my life was forever changed. I was arrested for DUI as I was driving home from a beer festival. As a long-time beer blogger and advocate of knowing when to say when, this was devastating. Over the next few weeks, I will be telling my story in hopes that my experience will resonate with my readers and deter them from taking any chances when their ability to drive after having a few beers may be impaired. Read Part I of this series here , Part II here and Part III here. If the situation was not already surreal enough, things took a turn for the worse as the DUI officer took my arm,…
  • DUI, Part III: Evaluation

    25 Feb 2015 | 9:42 am
    Last year my life was forever changed. I was arrested for DUI as I was driving home from a beer festival. As a long-time beer blogger and advocate of knowing when to say when, this was devastating. Over the next few weeks, I will be telling my story in hopes that my experience will resonate with my readers and deter them from taking any chances when their ability to drive after having a few beers may be impaired. Read Part I of this series here and Part II here. Along the perimeter of the crime scene tape that roped off the intersection, a crowd was beginning to gather. Even though it was…
  • DUI, Part II: Investigation

    24 Feb 2015 | 5:11 am
    Last year my life was forever changed. I was arrested for DUI as I was driving home from a beer festival. As a long-time beer blogger and advocate of knowing when to say when, this was devastating. Over the next few weeks, I will be telling my story in hopes that my experience will resonate with my readers and deter them from taking any chances when their ability to drive after having a few beers may be impaired. Read Part I of this series here. The evening was warm and clear with a slight breeze coming from the river. The type of evening that could be called a Chamber of Conference night. It…
  • DUI: The story I can now tell

    23 Feb 2015 | 9:45 am
    Last year my life was forever changed. I was arrested for DUI as I was driving home from a beer festival. As a long-time beer blogger and advocate of knowing when to say when, this was devastating. Now that the ordeal is over, I want to tell my story in hopes that my experience will resonate with my readers and deter them from taking any chances when their ability to drive after having a few beers may be impaired. In an instant everything changed. One moment the street was clear and the lights ahead were green and in the next a car was in front of me and the light was red. That moment, the…
  • Barley Mow Brewing Company coming to Jacksonville

    17 Feb 2015 | 6:21 am
    The West Coast of Florida seems to be a magnate for breweries. With names like Cigar City, St. Somewhere, 7venth Sun and Dunedin calling the area home, Barley Mow Brewing Company’s (BMBC) owner and head brewer Jay Dingman felt right at home. So, it was in that same area that he set up shop and opened his own brewery, tavern and tap room in Largo, Fla. Over the course of several years, he and his wife became enamored with brewing and installed a two-barrel brewing system in their watering hole. The beers proved so popular that recently the pair opened a new 25,000 square-foot production…
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  • Alchemy & Science’s Two-Pronged Approach For Craft Growth

    Chris Furnari
    3 Mar 2015 | 3:14 pm
    The outdoor bar at Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery If you ask Alan Newman what it’s like to build a craft brewery in Miami, expect to hear a few expletives. Newman, the president of Alchemy & Science — a craft beer incubator and wholly-owned subsidiary of Boston Beer — has been trying to pry open the doors to Concrete Beach Brewery for nearly 18 months but the company, Newman said, has encountered a myriad of confusing permitting and zoning regulations along the way. On a recent visit to Miami, Brewbound toured the Concrete Beach facility. A 20-barrel brewhouse and…
  • Kentucky Beer Bill Threatens More Than Just A-B’s Wholesalers

    David Eisenberg
    3 Mar 2015 | 3:12 pm
    A Kentucky bill that would force Anheuser-Busch to sell off or close two distributorships it owns in the state passed out of a Senate subcommittee today and now stands one vote removed from becoming law. As sponsored by Speaker Greg Stumbo, House Bill 168 would ban any brewer from owning a wholesale operation in hopes of upholding the traditional three-tier system. Though A-B, which operates two wholesale outposts in Owensboro and Louisville, has decried the proposed legislation as an “assault on 200 jobs by greedy special interests,” it has received ringing endorsements from a large…
  • Outdoor Craft Beer Garden Opening in Estes Park

    Press Release
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:35 pm
    Estes Park, Colo. — Soon residents and tourists visiting Estes Park, Colorado will be able to revel in the beautiful mountain views while enjoying some of the best craft beer in the State and around the Country as well as a few international selections. The vacant lot at 119 East Elkhorn Avenue will become the home of the first outdoor beer garden in downtown Estes Park in the interim of the Rocky Mountain Performing Arts Center development. Opening Spring 2015, The Barrel, an outdoor beer garden, with sixty rotating taps will focus on craft beer, mead, cider, high‐end distilled…
  • Beachwood Brewing Bottles Rye Like An Eagle

    Press Release
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:28 pm
    Long Beach, CA – The Beachwood Brewing family of special release beers continues to grow with Rye Like An Eagle! This barrel-aged imperial rye brown ale is the first Beachwood brew to be expertly aged in American rye whiskey barrels for one year. Building on a series of barrel-aged beers that has been growing since 2013, including the releases of Barrel-aged Full Malted Jacket, 8 Buffalo and SADIE, which were all aged in bourbon barrels for one year, Beachwood is shaking things up by using rye whiskey barrels to age this soon-to-be epic ale—Rye Like An Eagle. “2015 is going to be an…
  • Creative Growth Strategies on Display at Brew Talks San Diego

    David Eisenberg
    3 Mar 2015 | 12:29 pm
    Brewbound is excited to announce its second slate of speakers for the upcoming Brew Talks meetup, scheduled for March 10 at Coronado Brewing’s brewery and tasting room in San Diego, Calif. In the early days of craft, long before the renaissance took hold nationwide, breweries could capture consumer attention with a single flagship brand — think Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Sam Adams Boston Lager. Today, however, as the space continues to crowd, more and more businesses are forging new growth strategies, tapping into their creative wells to prosper in an increasingly crowded marketplace.
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    Beers & Bacon

  • Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:00 am
    The quickie: Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout is a super smooth, high gravity stout which almost fools you into its’ pretzel namesake by spending some time in bourbon barrels. Recommend for bourbon lovers. Triple C is a Charlotte, NC brewery that almost always has one or two taps occupied at local watering holes. Known for staples such as their Baby Maker double IPA and Golden Boy ale, their release of the bourbon barrel aged Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout made quite a stir on my social media feeds. I was quite excited to try this beer. Everything is Barrel Aged it Seems…
  • Rogue Ales Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale
    28 Feb 2015 | 4:59 pm
    The terse: Rogue Ales Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale is a lemon bomb that packs a couple of great surprises. It has a palate satisfying lemon freshness and an awesome crueller (cruller?) finish. Definitely a recommended buy. Rogue has always been a staple brand for me. Whether I’m bringing Dead Guy Ale to a BBQ or telling my friends about the unique Voodoo Doughnut series, they do not disappoint. The Voodoo Doughnut series is brought to us by Rogue Ales and Voodoo Doughnuts of Portland, OR and oh boy, they are some good beers. Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale: A Series for the…
  • Evil Twin Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale
    25 Feb 2015 | 7:20 pm
    TLDR; Evil Twin Brewing Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale is a gorgeous IPA with a rocky head, passionfruit aroma, and all the fun of gummi bears packed into a bottle of beer. Highly recommended buy. If This Is Evil, I Don’t Want to Be Good Remember that beer from your dream a few nights ago? You know, that one with a perfectly golden hue and rocky creme colored head. No? And there I was thinking I wasn’t the only one dreaming about great beer. Evil Twin Femme Fatal Yuzu Pale tips the scales in its’ favor in the appearance category. It has a color reminiscent of a summer haze and a…
  • Seminar Brewing Citrocity
    24 Feb 2015 | 8:45 pm
    TLDR: This beer is a great session IPA with a gentle citrus aroma, grapefruit forward nose and a delightful bitter bite on the finish. Recommended buy. A Refreshingly Bitter Bite Finding a great tasting session IPA is a moment to be grateful for. Seminar Brewing Citrocity has a hop flavor and bitterness balance many IPA drinkers search for. Citrocity has nice passionfruit and citrus aromas. A slight chemical undertone can be a bit off-putting, but that’s not why we’re here. The nose has a grapefruit, hop forward flavor with a refreshing bitter bite. To some, refreshing and…
  • Japan Crate Unboxing – February
    23 Feb 2015 | 2:26 pm
    In episode one of my subscription crate unboxing series I take a look at what Japan Crate has to offer for the month of February. The two pound Premium crate includes a wide variety of Japanese candy and snacks as well as an interesting beverage. Check out the video above to watch the Japan Crate unboxing or see below for the contents of the crate and my thoughts on what was included. Unboxing the Choco-licious While I enjoyed the majority of the contents of February’s Japan Crate a few items definitely stood out. My favorite item was the package of Every Burger Chocolate…
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    Drink Me Magazine

  • Chill Out, And Make Warm Beers A Thing Of The Past

    Sara Lawrence
    3 Mar 2015 | 1:49 pm
    What’s nine inches and allows for a nice cool swallow every time in just 45 minutes? The Chillsner by Corkcicle obviously. Why? What’d you think I was talking about? This stainless steel rod inserts into your standard beer bottle and clips on with a drink through lid. Made entirely of stainless steel, the Chillsner freezes quickly and stays cold until the last drop due to a thermal coolant proprietary gel. Four flow vents let your beer of choice flow smoothly and appropriately chilled into your mouth for that refreshing first sip sensation sip after sip. Easy to use in just four steps:…
  • Join Us As We Explore Some Bloody Good British Ale

    Brian Yaeger
    3 Mar 2015 | 11:49 am
    Ted Sobel stands behind the bar. All of his ales are served from six hand pumps; there are no kegs and no CO2 hoses. Rather, Ted’s ales are conditioned in firkins—which look like kegs, but sound cooler and hold 40 liters, or 72 imperial pints, of cask ale. Hand pumps, not forced carbonation, draw the beer into the waiting glass. As the firkin empties, the space left over fills with oxygen. While such “contamination” is a common no-no for most beers, this is, in fact, real ale. When asked why he decided to go the route of real ale, Sobel doesn’t go into a rant about upholding the…
  • 10 Absolutely Stunning Images Of Australia’s Wine Country

    Adrian Smith
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:48 am
    Over the decades, Australia has become home to some of the world’s most sought after wines on the planet. Its climate makes for the ideal breeding ground for multiple grape varieties, honing in millions of tourists per year to sample the vino delights the Oceania wonder has to offer. We toom over the years have travelled the globe in search of the finest alcoholic nectars around, in the hopes of allowing people like you to explore your palates and find the hidden gems that others all too often overlook. Today we have a treat, we’ve compiled a series of the best images we’ve taken…
  • Yes, Thats Right, There Is Now A Beer For Game of Thrones

    Anthony Maffei
    2 Mar 2015 | 1:29 pm
    With the much anticipated HBO series returning to our screens in just mere weeks, the world is once again getting excited to dragons, death, sex scenes and the occasional, what are we kidding, highly frequent, nudity. Ommegang did what any kind-hearted brewery would do and decided to come up with their very on Game of Thrones beer. So what does this mean, for you exactly? Well, in short, it means you can now watch your favorite TV show while simultaneously drinking like a god damn King (or Queen). Take your throne, arm yourself with this deviously delightful beverage and enjoy. WINTER IS…
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Australia’s wealth of wine

    Liza Zimmerman
    2 Mar 2015 | 10:49 am
    I flew into Griffith, a remote area in New South Wales, on a four-seater plane. Aside from being terrifying it was also astounding—I could see absolutely everything from the air. My winery hosts told me to look for ‘roos as the plane landed in the town where yellow tail, one of Australia’s biggest brands, is headquartered. I didn’t, sadly, see any kangaroos but I did see the little white house that the Casellas—the family of Sicilian background who founded and own the winery—built. It stood in what was once a field but was now surrounded by all the high-tech equipment that goes…
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    Brew Dudes

  • Cellared Cranberry Cider

    25 Feb 2015 | 4:58 pm
    We recently tasted a couple fresh ciders that we had made towards the end of 2014. Fermenting freshly pressed apple juice is how many generations before us preserved that valuable food item. Fortifying the beverage certain must have made for some good times in back in colonial times. Packed with vitamins cellared ciders probably help stave of different types of vitamin deficiencies during the long winter times. This week John digs into his cellar of beverage and brings us a cranberry cider from early 2013! This thing poured with an very interesting pink hue. (Watch the video for a good close…
  • Vienna Lager Brew Session

    18 Feb 2015 | 7:13 pm
    It has snowed here in Massachusetts. And it has snowed. And it has snowed. In fact yes, it is even snowing now. It’s tough to brew with so much snow. Are you snowed in? Do you brew in the cold? Well, if not and you are looking for a fix we have recorded a brew session for you. Grab a pint sit back and pretend you are getting your own brew on! Now before the comments start rolling in – This session was recorded after only our first storm. It has dumped on a twice more with several little storms in between. So don’t dismiss our backyard with only 12-18 inches in it. Presently…
  • 2015 Cider Tasting

    11 Feb 2015 | 6:25 pm
    John and I both made a couple batches of cider in the fall of 2014. He has his method. I have mine. We tasted them side by side and discussed our choices of pressed juice, fortifications, yeast and bottle conditioning. Nothing better than crisp refreshing cider to mix it up once and a while. I have found that some people like cider and some people hate cider. Cider isn’t my favorite beverage, but I’ve discovered some interesting facts about cider. I don’t know of a commercial cider that I really enjoy. There are some new cideries opening up around here from time to time; and…
  • What is Hop Bursting?

    4 Feb 2015 | 6:51 pm
    Can you put too many hops in a beer? How do you know when enough is enough? These questions brought us to some thoughts on hop bursting… so we shot a video. Hop bursting is not a new technique per se, but for a couple dudes that tend to brew malt forward beers it was an interesting discussion for us. Over the last couple years we’ve certainly been exploring hoppy styles and hop usage a little more. John with his homegrown hop beers and me with some no chill IPA experiments (Falconer’s Flight hop blend). We’ve also been thinking about hops a little more during our…
  • Equinox Hops SMaSH Beer

    28 Jan 2015 | 1:13 pm
    The third in out series on SMASHing with the newer hop varieties. This week’s contestant is Equinox Hops! John said that this was the most dynamic and pungent smelling hop pellet he’s ever experienced right out of the pouch. Check out the video and let us know about your experience (or lack of…) with Equinox hops. On first impression, I could tell that Equinox was the strongest of the three we’ve tried (see more about the El Dorado SMaSH results and the Mosaic SMaSH results). The initial aroma was certainly a ripe, almost over ripe, juicy green melon. I found that…
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    If My Coaster Could Talk

  • House rules: winning team buys losing team a beer

    Chad Lothian
    1 Mar 2015 | 4:51 pm
    Some of life’s greatest highs and lowest lows stem from winning and losing. Winning and celebrating with your team is a great feeling and on the flip-side a loss can be painful. At the Belfast Curling Club in Belfast, Maine beer is the great equalizer. I’ve been making trips to Belfast to curl for 5 years, the group is constantly changing depending on who’s available to play. Skill levels vary depending how many times a person has played and who just has that curl working for them on that particular day, none of us are joining the Olympic team playing two or three times a year…
  • American on Tap – Bangor Edition

    Chad Lothian
    27 Feb 2015 | 6:05 pm
    I heard about America on Tap in mid-December, that’s when I started emailing them to find out about their organization and about the two events in Maine – Portland and Bangor – so I could do a lead up blog post. I spent a couple weeks bouncing emails off different people and ended up with media passes to the events but no answers about America on Tap. As I sit and write this blog the Bangor on Tap event is still going, there’s about an hour left. My concerns about Bangor on Tap started as soon as I walked into the Cross Insurance Center. I walked into will call and was…
  • Maine’s newest brewery opening this Friday

    Chad Lothian
    26 Feb 2015 | 5:38 am
    I headed out to Amherst, Maine last night to check out Square Tail Brewing Company before their grand opening, the last time I went they were still under construction. Since my last trip they’ve finished the brewhouse and completed the tasting room which has an outdoors theme. A short bar with a half dozen stools, some tall tables and one large community table, all constructed by local craftsmen, have been added with room to stand. They have six tap lines, currently only three beers are ready to serve with one more carbonating and others in the fermenter. Square Tail Brewing Company will…
  • Allagash Brewing hosts first event celebrating 20 years of beer

    Chad Lothian
    24 Feb 2015 | 1:08 pm
    My wife and I have been looking forward to a weekend in Portland ever since I got the E-vite from Allagash Brewing Company asking if I’d attend their customer appreciation event. I had planned on writing about all the breweries we visited along the way, and we did visit a few but that part of the day was shadowed by car trouble and an unexpected ride in a tow truck after we lost our brakes. So lets just say I got my cans of Foundation Epiphany and Bissell Brothers Swish and blow right through the rest with a shout out to Carla, Lindsey and Josh for driving us around. Epiphany and Swich cans…
  • Hidden Cove Brewing hires former Maine Beer Co. Head Brewer

    Chad Lothian
    18 Feb 2015 | 1:05 pm
    The big stir on the Maine beer scene this week is the news that Kevin Glessing, Head Brewer at Maine Beer Company out of Freeport, Maine has left his position and joined Hidden Cove Brewing Company in Wells, Maine. Announcement by Hidden Cove on Facebook Kevin was employed by Maine Beer Company for 3.5 years before deciding to join Hidden Cove. Maine Beer Company has since moved brewer Mark Fulton into the position of Director of Brewing Operations. While losing a member of the team is never an easy thing, Dan Kleban, Owner of Maine Beer Company tells me “we are in a great position from…
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    Beer Infinity

  • Crafty Ladies Brew Day at Joyride

    Beer Infinity
    4 Mar 2015 | 1:22 am
    Denver – CO There were a few lucky Crafty Ladies who recently got the opportunity to brew a beer with Joyride Brewing .  The Crafty Ladies have been well known to brew dark, stout-like beers, but this time we’ve changed things up a bit.  This time, we got to brew a hoppy RED ale!   Since there are a lot of members, w ...
  • Babe’s Brewhouse 12th Anniversary Barley Wine Ale

    Beer Infinity
    3 Mar 2015 | 10:52 pm
    Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review. Tonight’s featured beer is Babe's Brewhouse 12th Anniversary Barley Wine Ale - Brewer's Reserve Series. Commercial description: “This is a big malty beer! It was carefully brewed with seven different malts, then generously hopped with falcon, c ...
  • Set Your Calendar For The Honolulu Brewers Festival

    Beer Infinity
    3 Mar 2015 | 8:22 pm
    Oahu’s premiere and only true beer festival has a new name and a new date, but it’s still going to be the same great festival. The Honolulu Brewers Festival, formally the Real Beer Festival, will take place on Saturday, April 18th, in Kaka’ako. This is the 3rd year of the festival put on by the great folks who own Real a Gastr ...
  • Wurstkuche Brings Beer, Sausage to Downtown Denver

    Beer Infinity
    3 Mar 2015 | 5:54 pm
    Wurstkuche Denver, 2036 Broadway. Photo Credit: Daniel Lauer Wurstküche, a Los Angeles based restaurant from proprietors Tyler Wilson and Joseph Pitruzzelli, has expanded to Denver. I had the pleasure of paying them a visit just a few days before opening day. My first impression? Impressive selection of beers, delicious sausage and fr ...
  • Atwater Dirty Blonde

    Beer Infinity
    3 Mar 2015 | 4:06 pm
    Day 246: Atwater Dirty Blonde from Atwater Brewing Company. Style of beer is 'Blonde Ale'. ABV is 4.2%.
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    The Brew Review Crew

  • The Abyss – A Perfect Barrel Aged Stout?

    Brew Review Crew
    1 Mar 2015 | 12:07 pm
    by The post The Abyss – A Perfect Barrel Aged Stout? appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.
  • Pick Axe Blonde – A Blonde Ale Done Right?

    Brew Review Crew
    1 Mar 2015 | 6:15 am
    Review by: Cory Smith Blonde ales get no respect.  I think many craft beer lovers will admit that when they see a blonde ale on a tap list, they almost immediately skip over it, perusing the tap list for something bold, unique, and interesting. Rightfully or not, we see blonde ales as a craft substitute for a macro lager; something we can drink a lot of and not get worn down by the flavor.  The latter part of that sentence is what made me crack open my first Keweenaw Brewing Company’s Pick Axe Blonde, but it’s flavor proved that this is a beer worth buying again and again.
  • Jester King Wytchmaker – Do Farmhouse IPA’s work?

    Brew Review Crew
    21 Feb 2015 | 3:29 pm
    by The post Jester King Wytchmaker – Do Farmhouse IPA’s work? appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.
  • Fat Head’s Hop Juju (2015) – Ohio’s Best Double IPA?

    Brew Review Crew
    19 Feb 2015 | 3:16 pm
    by The post Fat Head’s Hop Juju (2015) – Ohio’s Best Double IPA? appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.
  • Bell’s Hopslam – 2015 Edition – A Down Year for Hopslam?

    Brew Review Crew
    16 Feb 2015 | 10:58 am
    by The post Bell’s Hopslam – 2015 Edition – A Down Year for Hopslam? appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.
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    SommBeer - Beer Blog

  • O’Hara’s Irish Stout : Beer Review

    John Fahrner
    3 Mar 2015 | 2:53 am
    Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan At the time I am writing this we are at the tail end of February and about to plunge into March leading up to one of the more entertaining holidays, St. Patrick’s Day.  St. Patrick’s day is of course known as a drinking holiday for a lot of people, a day to overindulge and celebrate Irish culture, or maybe stereotypes, and at the forefront of that celebration you will often find a healthy amount of beer.  Of course every…
  • Going Dry for 30 Days

    1 Mar 2015 | 8:14 am
    Going Dry for 30 Days Featured Contributor –    Ed Goldsworthy If I had to judge my overall health right now I could sum it up this way: not good. I am not in the best shape of my life. I’m in my worst. And it’s a really terrible feeling. I mean seriously. Why did I eat so many Doritos? Is it because they are so delicious? The answer is yes! So, I recently decided that I simply have to do something about this. I’ve done…
  • Why Beer and Biking Work Together

    Beth Pickhard
    27 Feb 2015 | 3:16 am
    Featured Contributor – Beth @brewcitybiker1 from Milwaukee, WI Beer is a local thing. Think about your local breweries and brewpubs. They are spaces to gather with friends and neighbors, hang out and talk about our lives. Many of us beer aficionados make pilgrimages to our favorite breweries outside of our city to taste the brews from the source. Biking is also a local thing. It gets you around within your community. You can bike to your favorite brewery or craft beer bar and you will see more of…
  • Saugatuck Neapolitan Milk Stout: Beer Review

    John Fahrner
    23 Feb 2015 | 3:41 am
    Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Some beers are weird. Some beers are so weird that the entire time you drink them you’re pondering and wondering “what the hell am I drinking?” Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not. Neapolitan Milk Stout is certainly unique and could easily fall in that weird category.  For better or worse this beer is exactly as advertised.  It pours jet black with minimal head and immediately hits you in the face with the intensity of 57 cartons of…
  • The Future Of The Craft Beer

    Adam McIntosh
    21 Feb 2015 | 7:22 am
    Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack Nano-Breweries are the future of the craft beer boom. Let me put it simply. While everyone else is hyping over Hopslam or Oberon, even debating when a microbrewery is no longer one I’m out scouting breweries who have a 3BBL system (A 3 barrel brewing system) or less. In Petoskey Michigan there is one such called Beards Brewery, tucked away in between two shops housing a 1BBL system. These small tap rooms and brew houses are the future of craft beer.…
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    Northwest Beer Guide (aka, The Pickled Liver)

  • Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon ... Two Beers Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale

    3 Mar 2015 | 12:00 pm
    Press ReleaseSEATTLE ... – Committed to crafting beers true to the Pacific Northwest, Two Beers Brewing Co. is excited to announce the release of its newest seasonal can: Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale. A chocolaty brown ale infused with locally roasted beans from SoDo-neighbor Fulcrum Coffee, this Seattle-inspired beer makes the perfect brunch companion, subtly sweet with a cold brew kick. Available in 12-ounce cans at select retailers beginning Monday, March 2, Cold Brew will also be available to enjoy at some of Seattle’s favorite local brunch spots – including Brave Horse…
  • Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon ... Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA

    3 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Press ReleaseLongmont, CO and Brevard, NC--Oskar Blues' spring seasonal, GUBNA Imperial IPA, rolls out in March with a new hop bill featuring some of the most exciting and aromatic hops, all of which were sniffed out by Oskar Blues staff at concurrent hop selection panels at both breweries.Each year GUBNA is reinvented, taking the season's highest quality hops and creating a formidable and complex Imperial IPA. Coming in at 100+ international bitterness units and 10 percent ABV, this inimitable beer is an IPA unlike any other. Available on tap and in 12-ounce 4-packs, this hop…
  • Book Release: OR: Portland: Local writer Niki Ganong releases "A Traveler’s Handbook to State Liquor Laws", April 21st

    2 Mar 2015 | 8:00 am
    Press ReleaseA Traveler’s Handbook to State Liquor LawsBy Niki GanongThis book is the puzzle piece that has long been missing from drinking in America. A joy to read and an impressive mountain of knowledge to unearth. Jeffrey Morgenthaler, author of The Beer Book: Elements of Cocktail TechniqueHow anyone could take such a dry subject as state-to-state liquor laws, and write a book on the subject that’s not just informative, but also really fun to read, is completely beyond me. Niki Ganong has pulled it off in grand style, though. This is a fabulous, and very useful, book for boozers…
  • Brewery Release: WA: Coming Soon ... Hale's Bill'sner Pils

    26 Feb 2015 | 4:00 am
    Press ReleaseSeattle, WA ... - Pilsners are back!  The beer style your dad, and probably his dad, so enjoyed is receiving new attention from craft brewers and craft beer lovers all over the region.And, with the release of Bill'sner Pils, Hale's Ales Brewery is excited to be part of the Northwest resurgence of this old world beer style, this time locally made and fresh!Bill (left) sampling his new pilsner with lead Hale's brewer, "Guapo."Hale's Bill'sner Pils is named after a long time Hale's employee, Bill Preib, who, along with other Hale's…
  • Brewery News: OR: Eugene: Ninkasi Brewing solidifies support for local artists with "Ninkasi Studios"

    25 Feb 2015 | 8:00 am
    Press Release EUGENE, Ore.—Feb. 24, 2015— Ninkasi Brewing Company believes crafted, independent beer and music is a winning combination. Since the beginning Ninkasi has supported local artists in a variety of ways, all organized by James Book, Ninkasi brand and experiential marketing director. With the opening of its new Ninkasi Studios this past June, the brewery announces its first original musical offering— the “Dawn of the Red Compilation EP,” available on Ninkasi’s website this March.Since 2009, Ninkasi has supported artists including music production, engineering…
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    Grizzly Bear Loves Kölsch.

  • Kölsch V.1 and Kölsch V.2 Compared

    8 Feb 2015 | 9:29 am
    Introduction From the left: Früh Kölsch, Kölsch V.1 and Kölsch V.2 It’s now been about two months since GBLK launched, and quite a while since I brewed Kolsch V.1. Since then, GBLK has developed into a blog dedicated to more than just Kölsch – with interviews, discussion on brewing theory, tips, tricks and so forth; however, all the information posted has one thing in common, or at least I hope it does: it can help us learn how to brew better beer. For me, my main goal is to brew a better Kölsch. And now, having brewed Kölsch V.2, I can see if any of the information mentioned above…
  • FastFerment Conical Fermenter Review Part 1

    29 Jan 2015 | 10:09 am
    Part 1: an Introduction Maybe six or seven months ago I was browsing the net on my mobile, when I came across a product called the FastFerment, an HDPE plastic conical fermenter for an astonishingly low price of $99 (£79.98 at BrewUK). I’d always wanted to try out a conical fermenter, but had been completely put off by the price, so I was buzzing. My pulse raised as I quickly searched for a distributor in the UK; however, to my dismay, there wasn’t one. The FastFerment Conical Fermenter Fast-forward a few months and Brouwland, the king of distributors, started importing the…
  • Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2015 LIVE UPDATES

    24 Jan 2015 | 1:03 am
    Good morning ladies and gents! Welcome to LIVE coverage at Manchester Velodrome, where the Greater Manchester Branches of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has one hell of a treat in store for us. Today should be great, with over 500 beers, ciders and perries available to taste (see guzzle, knock back). And guess what? Grizzly Bear is gonna be in attendance! I’ll be bringing you all the build-up, updates and much more from todays festivities at the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2015. Stay tuned! 16.34Well,I’m signing off.  Hope you enjoyed it, but it’s time for…
  • Søren Kierkegaard on Brewing Equipment

    14 Jan 2015 | 12:54 pm
    Philosophy and Brewing Believe it or not, I used to be a Philosophy major. Besides a load of student debt, and a penchant for discourse, I left that time behind and went on to get a ‘real’ job. Nevertheless, I often find myself reading over old textbooks and digging up old quotes which interested me all those years back. One that recently came to mind was written by Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher. Kierkegaard wrote, I have just come home from a party where I was its life and soul; witticisms streamed from my lips, everyone laughed and admired me, but I went away —…
  • Bottle Beer and Harvest Yeast

    11 Jan 2015 | 9:23 am
    Introduction: How to Bottle Beer and Harvest Yeast I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “to kill two birds with one stone,” and when you are bottling your homebrew you can do just that. In this case, you can bottle your beer and harvest yeast at the same time. In this two minute tutorial, I’m going to show you how to bottle beer and harvest yeast. Supplies Needed bottles caps bottle capper auto-siphon bottling wand (optional) bottling bucket bottle brush dextrose (sugar) mason jars or similar unscented OxiClean Star San Spray bottle Step 1: Cleaning It’s…
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    Real Ale Review

  • Batemans Orange Barley

    Lee Morgan
    25 Feb 2015 | 1:13 am
    Danger!!! Batemans Orange Barley is 6.2% and unbelievably drinkable! Tasting Notes: A lovely orange barley beer that does exactly what it says on the tin, it has a lovely orange aroma, and a great citrus taste, very very pleasing. You could all too easily sink a few of these, and the volume would sneak up on you. Top Marks Batemans. The post Batemans Orange Barley appeared first on Real Ale Review.
  • Innis and Gunn Original

    Martin Gray
    21 Feb 2015 | 5:01 am
    I saw this bottle of Innis and Gunn Original on the shelf at my local supermarket and thought i would try it. The label on the bottle promising me a great tasting beer with oak barrels producing unique flavours. The blurb on the website enticed me further. “For 30 days this honey-hued beer sleeps in hand selected oak barrels, locked inside a bonded warehouse, gradually assimilating the subtle flavours that reside in the wood. Barrels are then emptied and maturation continues for a further 47 days in a marrying tun where these natural flavours infuse and fall into perfect balance. This…
  • Wickwar Brewing Company

    Martin Gray
    18 Feb 2015 | 2:55 pm
    About Wickwar Brewing Company is Gloucestershire’s largest independent brewer of award winning ales. Our traditional brew house, located between Bristol & Gloucester, dating back to the 1860’s provides a fantastic location to brew using the best ingredients to provide real ales steeped in quality and heritage. Our range of real ales has been developed over a number of years to provide a variety for all tastes. Beers Station Porter – 6.1% This multi award-winning stout is lighter than you might expect, and with undertones of coffee and chocolate is the connoisseur’s choice-try it…
  • Station Porter

    Martin Gray
    14 Feb 2015 | 11:00 am
    Commercial Description: Station Porter is a multi award-winning stout is lighter than you might expect and with undertones of coffee and chocolate is the connoisseur’s choice-try it and graduate to taste. Station Porter in cask was awarded the accolade of supreme champion at the WINTER ALES BEER FESTIVAL 2008. A smooth, dark ruby porter with complexity of tastes including chocolate, coffee and rich fruit. Top off the bottle and Station Porter pours  smooth, a dark ruby porter with an aroma of roast malt, coffee and rich fruit. It has a complex and spicy, rich bitter sweet taste and a long…
  • Otley O9 Blonde

    Martin Gray
    13 Feb 2015 | 9:00 am
    Commercial Description: Cask & Bottle Conditioned; Our tongue in cheek take on a wheat beer. A clear wheat beer spiced with roasted orange peel, coriander and cloves. Good hop aromas with a subtle bitterness. Another drink introduced to me by my #beerbods subscription. Otley O9 Blonde is a modern looking bottle design from a Brewery close to me over the Bridge in Cardiff. The Otley family have been selling beer for over 50 years. Otley Brewing Company are dedicated to the craft of producing Welsh ale with a difference. Located in Pontypridd, Wales, Otley strive to use the finest quality…
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